Edry McHenry Architects

709 Chestnut Street (aka 709-13 Chestnut Street). Credit: Edry McHenry Architects

317-Foot-Tall Tower Awaits Construction at 709 Chestnut Street in Market East, Center City

The 25th entry on Philly YIMBY’s December 2020 Development Countdown is a 317-foot-tall, 27-story residential tower planned for 709 Chestnut Street in Market East, Center City. The 278-unit building is being developed by Roseland Properties and Parkway Corporation and is designed by Edry McHenry Architects, which recently revealed a rendering of a 350-foot building at 2100 Market Street. The structure will span almost the entirety of the 170-by-170-foot site that currently operates as an active parking lot. Permits have yet to be filed for the project, and no demolition preparations have begun.

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