Renderings Revealed for 4701-15 Wayne Avenue In Germantown, Northwest Philadelphia

4701-15 Wayne Avenue. Credit: Moto.4701-15 Wayne Avenue. Credit: Moto.

Renderings have been revealed for a four-story multi-family building at 4701-15 Wayne Avenue in GermantownNorthwest Philadelphia. Designed by Moto Designshop, the new building will span 78,065 square feet and hold 90 residential units. The development will offer parking for 50 bicycles.

4701-15 Wayne Avenue. Credit: Moto.

4701-15 Wayne Avenue. Credit: Moto.

The new building will feature a modern exterior, adding a modern flare to a design that fits with the neighborhood’s existing character. The three ground floor will be coated with brick, which will see a variety of details, such as a cornice atop the third floor, and abutting columns that extend down to the second floor. The top floor will see the usage of maroon-colored cladding, which matches the brick. An interior courtyard space has bright green cladding that certainly catches the eye.

4701-15 Wayne Avenue. Credit: Moto.

4701-15 Wayne Avenue. Credit: Moto.

The new building’s street presence will be a great addition to the surrounding area. With no interior parking space, pedestrians will not have to worry about ay curb cuts, and a pristine sidewalk will be maintained at the site. Additionally, street trees will be planted around the building’s entire footprint, helping preserve the neighborhood’s tree coverage. The structure’s attractive brick design allows it to blend seamlessly with the surrounding area.

4701-15 Wayne Avenue. Credit: Moto.

4701-15 Wayne Avenue. Credit: Moto/Google.

The new building will be replacing a vacant lot, one of a few in the surrounding area. This particular property is a large grass lawn area with some maturing trees. While the loss of these trees would have been somewhat unfortunate, the planned tree coverage with the coming development will see no loss of greenery at the site. The property has frontage on three streets, and sits just a few blocks away from Wayne Junction along Regional Rail, offering direct access to Temple University, Center City, and University City with high frequency.

4701-15 Wayne Avenue. Credit: Moto.

4701-15 Wayne Avenue. Credit: Moto.

With these tidbits of location in mind, it is surprising to see how the vacant lot has persisted at the site for so long. The added residential density at this location will be a massive improvement for not only the property but for the surrounding area as well, helping support neighborhood businesses as well as attract new ones into either vacant store fronts or new storefronts arriving to Germantown with coming development (as there is a lot of it around Wayne Junction). While the usage of bright green cladding is somewhat interesting, Moto is responsible for some very attractive designs throughout the city, and YIMBY has high confidence that the new project will turn out very nicely once completed.

No completion date is known for the project at this time.

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14 Comments on "Renderings Revealed for 4701-15 Wayne Avenue In Germantown, Northwest Philadelphia"

  1. Susan Mandeville | May 25, 2022 at 9:39 am | Reply

    Glad to hear street trees have been incorporated into the design. Street trees should be made part of every building plan. Come on Phila.!

  2. Lawrie Foster | May 25, 2022 at 10:06 am | Reply

    Are you seriously out of your minds?? This area is very
    dangerous and one in which I would not consider even if paid
    to live there. Stay away prospective tenants.

  3. Did I miss the sentence about the number of parking spaces? Shouldn’t there be on site parking for residents?

  4. Michele Nichols | May 26, 2022 at 12:46 pm | Reply

    Where will the 90+ new residents park their cars???

  5. Ninety residences but no parking in already crowded streets? This will cause a problem for the new and old residents. The idea that residents won’t need parking because it’s two blocks to Wayne Junction is short sighted and not correct.

  6. Florence Buckley | May 26, 2022 at 3:13 pm | Reply

    Glad there is no car parking.
    Hate the green cladding. Rest of the design is ok.

  7. This developer is pushing through without addressing the concerns of existing neighbors. 90 units is obscene and will create horrendous parking and traffic issues for residents. Unit amount should decrease drastically and community beneficial retail space should be added. The design is also inappropriate given the current architecture in the neighborhood.

  8. I was born and raised in the neighborhood GermanTown 38 years of my life pacifically Wayne Avenue there is a lot of activity that is going on in the neighborhood a building with 90 people 50 bicycle placements and nowhere to park that’s not a good outlet there already isn’t parking on these blocks and now you’re going to put a builder with 90 people in there don’t offer them a garage of a parking space in their own facility but for them to park on the street there’s nowhere for them to park the area is heavy Crime rate shooting.

  9. Donna Dorman | June 1, 2022 at 8:08 am | Reply

    No parking is always an issue, I say if you can create parking then don’t bother building!! Just more ugly buildings and the hope that people will ride bicycles instead of drive everywhere. What not roof top garden, still not environmentally sound. Not a good idea!

  10. This is a monstrosity of a building that will defiantly affect the quality of life for life long residents. We are over crowded with cars and to think that city council would allow this to take place is horrific. This form of development needs parking for one car per unit because all of these people aren’t going to take public transportation or ride a bike. We will be inconvenienced for 1-2 years while construction takes place and will our cobble stones be replaced properly once they’ve completed this project. These developers have been allowed to come into our communities and build what ever they please with out regards of anyones input, and the city isn’t requiring them to do so. When it’s election time I say hold them accountable for not caring enough about OUR community.

  11. The neighborhood is ugly and disgusting. Thankful someone is trying to improve it. Address parking and I have no problem with it.

  12. This is completely insane. I hate the people who come in and build these buildings and don’t think about the community of people already there. How are you making 90 units bt no parking?! People already double parking in the streets . Smh this makes no sense. Just a money grab.

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