Permits Issued For Affordable Housing At 2604 Island Avenue In Eastwick, Southwest Philadelphia

2604 Island Avenue via Archdiocese of Philadelphia.2604 Island Avenue via Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Permits have been issued for the construction of a multi-family affordable housing development at 2604 Island Avenue in Eastwick, Southwest Philadelphia. Upon completion, the building will stand three stories tall, with 45 residential units. The project will also include an off-street parking lot. The building is expected to yield 45,000 square feet. Construction costs are listed at $7.625 million.

The units will be affordable spaces geared toward senior citizens.

The project is being conducted by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia as a part of the organization’s Catholic Housing and Community Services sector. This project is the latest in a recent boom of new affordable housing construction, which has included a fairly large new building at 1148 South Broad Street.

2604 Island Avenue via Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

2604 Island Avenue via L&I.

The new building will feature a fairly simple exterior that will be practical given its purpose. The ground floor will be coated in brick, helping create a more friendly street presence, while the upper floors will see the usage of tan siding, a cost-effective building material that will likely help lower construction costs. Windows will be arranged in a gridded pattern with their uniform rectangular size. Renderings also show some added landscaping, with Street trees and garden space helping beautify this stretch of Island Avenue.

2604 Island Avenue. Credit: Google.

2604 Island Avenue. Credit: Google.

The new development is replacing a vacant lot, one of few found along this section of Island Avenue. The lot consists of a mowed grass lawn with telephone poles scattered throughout the site. A gathering if matured trees stand farther away from the street, adding to the otherwise uninteresting lot’s visual appeal.


2604 Island Avenue. Credit: Google.

2604 Island Avenue. Credit: Google.

The project is fantastic turn of events for this property, and is a development which will hopefully continue to replicated citywide. The added density in this location alone would be a great improvement, but the units’ designation at affordable price points as to the project’s value as it contributes to an important sector of Philadelphia’s housing supply. Though the project’s surface lot and relatively plain design make the project appear mildly bland, the added density and affordable units will actually make a significant positive impact for the neighborhood and low-income senior population.

Transit access is offered immediately in front of the property along the Route 36 Trolley Line, bringing a variety of destinations within striking distance from the property. No completion date is known for the project at this time, though YIMBY will minor progress moving forward.

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8 Comments on "Permits Issued For Affordable Housing At 2604 Island Avenue In Eastwick, Southwest Philadelphia"

  1. Now that’s ugly with a capital, “UGH”. -Jim

  2. A depressing addition to a depressing area. I guess it’s better than the empty lot? I guess?

  3. Cleoj Jones | May 7, 2023 at 6:39 pm | Reply

    Great Maybe I can get in.Need more info

  4. This is a poorly designed building. The designer of this project should have made it more attractive with a welcoming appearance to the neighborhood. This building looks like a “ depressed project unit”, the colors selected are horrible. This building should reflect happiness and hope.
    I am sure there is another design to pick from.

  5. Where to get application ? When will it be ready?

  6. Would like to know where to apply. Information would be helpful.

  7. Where can I apply for application?

  8. I am interested in working here and would like to know how to apply.

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