TRIAD1828 and American Water. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Looking Back at the Construction of the TRIAD1828 Centre in Camden, New Jersey

One of the largest developments in the city of Camden was constructed just a few years ago. The project, called the TRIAD1828 Centre, stands next to the Delaware River and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, which is not far from where the Campbell’s Stadium used to stand. The tower stands 18 stories above the ground, with a full height rising 220 feet high. The first seven levels are designated for a parking garage, with office floors rising above the parking podium. The building was originally developed by Liberty Property Trust, which backed out and allowed NFI Corp., Conner Strong & Buckelew, and the Michaels Organization to take over ownership of the property. The project went through several design iterations, with one featuring a curving glass tower standing as high as the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. The final design was crafted by Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

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Skylink Aerial Tramway. Image via Delaware River Port Authority

Looking at the Canceled Skylink Aerial Tramway across the Delaware River

While Philadelphia has seen many projects that were eventually never built, one of the most unique is the Skylink Aerial Tramway proposed to span across the Delaware River, featuring gondolas running on suspended cables. Developed by the Delaware River Port Authority, thus uncommon form of transportation was supposed to connect Philadelphia’s Delaware River waterfront to Camden, NJ on the east bank of the Delaware River. The trams were planned to move at 160 feet above the river, with both of the towers standing at a total height of 250 feet. The development was projected to complete construction in Spring 2002, but due to the continuous rising budget along with various other issues, including mounting criticism, the project was eventually canceled.

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