David Schwartz Construction

1227 South 4th Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. March 2022

Completion Nears at 1227 South 4th Street in Dickinson Narrows, South Philadelphia

Construction work is nearing completion at a three-story single-family rowhouse at 1227 South 4th Street in Dickinson Narrows, South Philadelphia. The structure is situated on the southeast corner of the intersection of 4th and Titan streets. Designed by Harman Deutsch Ohler Architecture, the building spans 3,902 square feet and features full sprinkling, a cellar, and a roof deck. Permits list Gerard W. Haley and Saxby J. Harley as the owners and David Schwartz Construction Inc. as the contractor.

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Permits Issued for 13-Unit Building at 3609 Spring Garden Street in Powelton Village, West Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for the construction of a multi-family building at 3609 Spring Garden Street in MantuaWest Philadelphia. Upon completion, the building will rise four stories tall the and will yield 13 residential units. Permits list Brett Harman as the design professional and David Schwartz Construction as the contractor. Construction costs for the project are estimated at $1,383,800.

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