Permits Issued for 5900 Germantown Avenue in Germantown, Northwest Philadelphia

Current view of 5900 Germantown Avenue. Credit: Google.Current view of 5900 Germantown Avenue. Credit: Google.

Permits have been issued for the construction of a 20-unit multi-family building at 5900 Germantown Avenue in GermantownNorthwest Philadelphia. The new building will rise five stories tall and will feature a cellar, a roof deck, and bicycle storage. In total, the building will hold 20,634 square feet of space, with construction costs estimated at $3.25 million.

Current view of 5900 Germantown Avenue. Credit: Google.

Aerial view of 5900 Germantown Avenue. Credit: Google.

The new building will replace a vacant lot, one of a small number along this stretch of Germantown Avenue. A wooden fence enclosed the property, which consists of a trash-strewn patch of grass. The site sits at a prominent location, at the intersection of Germantown Avenue and West Rittenhouse Street, seeing many passersbys on a V basis.

The new development is a certain improvement over the existing conditions of the property. Germantown Avenue is one of the city’s longest and most prominent commercial corridors, and a vacant site does nothing to improve the street or to support the many businesses along it.

The property sits within a short walk from downtown Germantown and regional rail (the Chestnut Hill West Line), surrounded by some of the most elegant and historic architecture in the city. Given the desirable location of the site, it is likely that the new building will prove highly successful.

No completion date is known for the project at this time, though construction may vbe finished by 2022 or 2023.

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6 Comments on "Permits Issued for 5900 Germantown Avenue in Germantown, Northwest Philadelphia"

  1. No parking, yet desirable?

    Interesting article. 😛

  2. What will the building look like and where is the closest familiar intersection?

  3. Washington Lane the closest familiar intersection with Germantown Ave. This could be affordable housing even though parking is not convenient.

  4. Gabriel Gottlieb | July 21, 2021 at 3:23 pm | Reply

    It’s a shame not to have a retail space on Germantown Avenue. The zoning should require any new apartment buildings on Germantown Avenue be required to include retail space.

    • Unless the city offers an incentive like a 20-year tax deferral, there’s nothing that can be said.

      Nice to see you back, Gabriel. 😉

  5. A detail left out in this post is the fact that they are also demolishing the two historic buildings on the end of the intact row next to the lot in what is one of the oldest historic corridors in the country. NOT just filling in the lot. Regardless of whether you think that is cool or not it is still a detail of this project and worth including.

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