Work Underway at 244-58 North 2nd Street in Old City

244-58 North 2nd Street. Credit: Google.244-58 North 2nd Street. Credit: Google.

Site prep activity is starting to make headway at an 11-townhouse development at 244-58 North 2nd Street in Old City. Each of these homes is expected to rise four stories tall. The homes will include roof decks, cellars, and parking for two cars, the latest in a recent influx of mansions added around Center City.

No renderings are available for the project, although inferences as to their appearance can be made. On other properties surrounding the development parcels, a number of new townhomes have been constructed in recent years, with some taking on stately designs, while others take a more modern route. Whatever the case, the large size of the homes and expected high sales prices will likely mean that these new houses will be tastefully done, with exteriors that benefit the surrounding area.

224-58 North 2nd Street. Credit: Google.

244-58 North 2nd Street. Credit: Google.

The new homes will be replacing a property that is much unlike its historic surroundings. While the property once held more notable structures, they, as many others, were razed many years ago during the rise of the automobile. A gas station was put in their place, although that business also eventually fell through, eventually making the property become only an auto-repair shop, with no more pumps. A small one-floor building stood at the center of the property, and was surrounding by surface parking, forming a massive hole in a largely intact neighborhood.

244-58 North 2nd Street. Credit: Colin LeStourgeon.

244-58 North 2nd Street. Credit: Colin LeStourgeon.

This structure has been demolished in more recent times, and it seems as though efforts are being made to start getting the project off of the ground. Upon YIMBY’s site visit, excavation equipment was active, beginning to dig out a portion of the site to the south, while the asphalt from the former surface lot still remains to the north.

244-58 North 2nd Street. Credit: Colin LeStourgeon.

244-58 North 2nd Street. Credit: Colin LeStourgeon.

Due to blockades surrounding the entirety of the project, the development proves somewhat difficult to observe. Despite this, the excavation equipment can still be seen from 2nd Street, and is even more visible from  Vine Street to the north.

Overall, the change of use at this location is definitely a positive, adding 11 more homes, although the project could likely have been build denser. Given the transit-accessible and walkable nature of Old City, a much larger mixed-use building, with retail on the ground floor and condos/apartments above, likely would have proven more beneficial to the neighborhood and its housing supply. However, with this sector of the neighborhood being somewhat on the quieter side, and with proven townhome developments already completed, it likely made more sense for developers to opt towards the less dense luxury row house direction.

YIMBY will continue to monitor progress on the development moving forward.

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4 Comments on "Work Underway at 244-58 North 2nd Street in Old City"

  1. Susan Mandeville | March 2, 2022 at 1:19 pm | Reply

    Parking for two cars?!? I am amazed, to say the least. Maybe I’ll buy one….

  2. Depending on the size of the cars,you can fit them in the garage.

    The old gas station used to be Atlantic gas and the design dates from 1970.

    • That was a Gulf since at least the early 70s and the Atlantic station was on the south side of Arch street between 2nd and 3rd.

  3. Not having any idea what the design will look like is a little scary. But in the grand scheme of things, a mix of apartments, condos, and large townhomes seems appropriate for the area. The projects to the north of this location, bridging the gap between Old City and Northern Liberties – those will be key.

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