80 East Sharpnack Street

80 East Sharpnack Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. June 2022

Completion Nears at 80 East Sharpnack Street in Mount Airy, Northwest Philadelphia

A recent site visit by Philly YIMBY has revealed that construction work is nearing completion at a townhouse complex at 80 East Sharpnack Street in Mount AiryNorthwest Philadelphia. The six attached single-family dwellings are situated along Magnolia Street, although the site’s location at the corner of Sharpnack Street gives the project an address at the latter. Designed by Ruggiero Plante Land Design, with ANC Builders Inc. as the contractor, each building rises three stories tall and spans 2,238 square feet, with a height measuring 38 feet to the main roof and 48 feet to the top of the pilot house. The rowhouses share a common rear drive aisle, which provides access to in-building garages.

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80 East Sharpnack Street. Credit: East Mount Airy

Permits Issued for Six-Unit Complex at 80 East Sharpnack Street In Mount Airy, Northwest Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for the construction of a series of single-family homes at 80 East Sharpnack Street in Mount AiryNorthwest Philadelphia. The development will consist of six homes, all standing three stories tall with decks at the second story and at the rooftop. Each home will include one parking space and will hold 2,238 square feet of space. The total construction cost is listed at $1,389,000, with $231,500 to build each individual home.

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