South Street Bridge

The Laurel Rittenhouse in the skyline from South Street Bridge. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Observing the Philadelphia Skyline from South Street Bridge

Philadelphia offers a great number of that showcase the growing skyline. Though photographers always seek a new perspective of the skyline, the time-tested, iconic spots are still available to capture for the sake of the beauty in frame that has been captured for multiple years. On the list, the most iconic spots include the walkways of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the view from Spring Garden Street Bridge, and lastly the South Street Bridge view. Today, we observe the skyline from the South Street Bridge, which puts multiple new developments in the spotlight.

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Philadelphia's South Street Bridge. Looking northwest. Credit: li2nmd via Wikipedia

The History Behind the South Street Bridge

Many locations offer views of the Philadelphia skyline, yet some spots offer uniquely dramatic vistas that effectively catch the eye and stay etched in one’s mind. South Street is home not only to a popular stretch of retail, restaurants, and markets, but also to the South Street Bridge, which crosses the Schuylkill River and connects Center City and South Philadelphia to University City in West Philadelphia. For over a century, the bridge has offered sweeping skyline views to locals and visitors alike. Today Philadelphia YIMBY looks at the history behind the iconic bridge.

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