Permits Issued for 4550 Mitchell Street in Roxborough, Northwest Philadelphia

4550 Mitchell Street. Credit: Google.4550 Mitchell Street. Credit: Google.

Permits have been issued for the construction of a mixed-use building at 4550 Mitchell Street in RoxboroughNorthwest Philadelphia. Designed by Coscia Moos Architecture, the new building will rise four stories tall, with a commercial space on the ground floor and 38 apartments. The development will span 41,942 square feet and will include 16 bicycle spaces and a roof deck with a green roof, which will be accessible through two bulkheads. Construction costs are estimated at $3.2 million.

Renderings of 4550 Mitchell Street. Credit: Coscia Moos.

Renderings of 4550 Mitchell Street. Credit: Coscia Moos.

Unfortunately, no detailed renderings are available for the project, although available zoning drawings provide at least a partial a look into the design. The structure will have a typical massing for its numbers, with the building rising its full height around the entirety of its footprint. This will create a sizable street walk along Mitchell Street, which may prove beneficial to its street presence, aided by floor-to-ceiling windows on the ground floor.

4550 Mitchell Street. Credit: Google.

4550 Mitchell Street. Credit: Google.

The new building will be replacing The Adobe Café, a restaurant serving Southwestern cuisine.  The building is a part of a tandem row of three row homes stitched into one, with a one-story commercial podium expanding outward to the sidewalk and a cornice located atop each of the row homes. The entire building is painted red, which makes it stand out from the street, making it something of a minor neighborhood landmark.

Renderings of 4550 Mitchell Street. Credit: Coscia Moos.

Renderings of 4550 Mitchell Street. Credit: Coscia Moos.

While it will be unfortunate to see this restaurant go, the overall use change for the property can be considered an improvement. The inclusion of a commercial space on the ground floor will preserve retail or, possibly, restaurant presence at the property, while the 38 residential units above will add a significant amount of housing density to the site. Luckily, a separate location of the restaurant can be found in South Philadelphia, so its presence is not being entirely exterminated from the Philadelphia food scene.

The bike spaces included with the project will allow residents to stay well-connected with the surrounding neighborhood, and make somewhat farther-flung journeys to places such as Main Street Manayunk much more accessible.

No completion date is known for the project at this time. YIMBY will share the renderings as they become available.

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5 Comments on "Permits Issued for 4550 Mitchell Street in Roxborough, Northwest Philadelphia"

  1. Susan Mandeville | March 27, 2022 at 1:25 pm | Reply

    So, 38 apartments with let’s say 60 cars (since most of the inhabitants will NOT be riding their bikes to dinner or work), where are these 60 new cars going to park? What is wrong with this City?? Just trying to get to work in the morning is a royal pain and then coming home to search for half-hour to find a place to park? Why can’t at least SOME parking be made mandatory?

  2. Once again our neighborhoods are being taken away by the greed and narrow minded actions of these developers. Adobe Cafe has been a notable landmark in Roxborough for over 30years. Bicycle racks??? No parking??? This is a joke, right?

  3. I have fond memories of driving to work where there is plenty of parking. Then when I leave work, I have to get aggravation when looking for a parking space in the neighborhood. Only when I got married and moved to the suburbs where there is plenty of parking!

  4. the construction people have no respect for the properties that they damage and hurt the property values and disrespect the owners and have an aditued that they can and willdo whatever they want because city counsel and LandI won’t do a thing to stop it, talk about greedy useless city departments this city realy sucks if your a homeowner we get no respect!!!!!!

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