Convention Center area

1443-49 Cherry Street. Credit: Parkway Corporation

Parking Lot Awaits Possible Million-Square-Foot Development at 1443-49 Cherry Street in Logan Square, Center City

Developer Parkway Corporation is seeking to redevelop a block-spanning, 53,568-square-foot parking lot at 1443-49 Cherry Street in Logan Square, Center City. The developer’s “opportunities” page states that the site is currently available for development and can support 642,816 square feet of buildable space at a floor-to-area ratio of 12:1, or whopping 1,071,360 square feet at an FAR of 20. Discounting any potentially applicable height limits, the site is theoretically capable of housing a skyscraper that rises well over 50 stories, a podium with ample retail space, and still have enough leftover room for a public plaza and/or promenade.

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AC Hotel by Marriott via Baywood Hotels

AC Hotel Awaits Construction at 230 North 13th Street in Center City

The Convention Center area to the north and east of City Hall has long been a notable hotspot for hotels, with Marriott being one of the key hospitality operators. The hospitality chain is planning another addition to the area. The AC Hotel, part of the AC Mattiott Hotel brand, would stand at 230 North 13th Street, across from the Vine Street Expressway, rising 181 feet and 15 stories. Baywood Hotels is the project developer and Bergmann Asssociates is the designer. The base of the high-rise would incorporate the historic Big Brothers Big Sisters of America building currently at the site.

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