Permits Issued for 36-Unit Multi-Family Building at 1419 West Grange Avenue in Fern Rock, North Philadelphia

Rendering of 1419 West Grange Avenue via Compass.Rendering of 1419 West Grange Avenue via Compass.

Permits have been issued for the construction of a 36-unit multi-family structure at 1419 West Grange Avenue in Fern Rock (alternately Ogontz), North Philadelphia. Upon completion, the building will rise four stories tall and hold 49,989 square feet of space. The apartments will consist of 21 two-bedroom, two-bathroom, while the remains 15 will be one-bed, one-bath. The project will also include 47 parking spaces, with 34 within a gated garage, and the remaining 13 outside. Permits estimate construction costs at $5.5 million.

The building will feature a modern exterior, with gray brick used on the ground floor. Above this, gray cladding stylized with a wood texture will be the primary material, and will be framed with white cladding. The two far sides of the structure jut out slightly from the rest of the building, creating a more unique shape and an interesting design.

A solid street presence will also be brought to the site with many bushes, trees, and grass planted along the sidewalk, adding lots of greenery. The trees will offer shade, while the bushes and grass simply make the property look nicer. A wide staircase encourages residents into the building, creating an inviting atmosphere.

The new building will be replacing a large vacant, one of the only such properties existing in the neighborhood. The lot is a large field, with a small mound covere in overgrown grass that creates a meadow look. A few larger trees are scattered around the property’s exterior, and will be torn down for the building’s construction.

Current view of 1419 West Grange Avenue. Credit: Google.

Current view of 1419 West Grange Avenue. Credit: Google.

Aerial view of 1419 West Grange Avenue. Credit: Google.

Aerial view of 1419 West Grange Avenue. Credit: Google.

The new project is one of a small amount planned in the neighborhood, which is full, with many intact rows of homes. Olney Transportation Center sits just a short walk from the site, offering prime transit access to many locations throughout the city. New density will be brought with the project’s construction, and will help poise the area for more growth in the future.

No completion date is known for the project at this time.

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9 Comments on "Permits Issued for 36-Unit Multi-Family Building at 1419 West Grange Avenue in Fern Rock, North Philadelphia"

  1. You have a KFC and Taco Bell nearby.

    For public transit, you are significantly closer to the Olney Transportation Center than the Fern Rock Transportation Center of the Broad Street Line.

    Although you have allot of shopping options, from my experience of that neighborhood, I would avoid it.
    Not desirable whatsoever.

  2. Craig M. Oliner | June 25, 2021 at 10:34 am | Reply

    Fantastic. It’s great to see new apartment options outside of greater Center City, especially infill units in an otherwise solid neighborhood. The developer, architect, and financial backers are to be applauded.

  3. It is crazy that Logan is getting new construction. My grandparents lived here until 2016 (when my grandmother finally died), and I could never have imagined that this neighborhood would improve. The developers are taking a huge risk, but I am happy to see it.

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