Permits Issued for Amazon Warehouse at 6901 Elmwood Avenue in Elmwood Park, Southwest Philadelphia

Aerial rendering of planned warehouse via Southwest CDC Glove Times.Aerial rendering of planned warehouse via Southwest CDC Glove Times.

Permits have been issued for the construction of an Amazon warehouse facility at 6901 Elmwood Avenue in Elmwood Park, Southwest Philadelphia. Once completed, the new building will rise one story tall. Office space and truck loading docks will also be included with the building. The warehouse will hold 141,360 square feet of space, with construction costs estimated at $30 million.

The new building will feature the plain design that is typical to many contemporary warehouse facilities throughout the country. The building will feature a primarily concrete facade, painted gray or white in most areas, surrounded by a surface lot and grass space. Nothing sets this warehouse apart, save for its location in a dense urban environment.

Aerial view of 6901 Elmwood Avenue. Credit: Google.

Aerial view of 6901 Elmwood Avenue. Credit: Google.

The new building will replace a large vacant property, consuming an entire supereblock. The tracks of the Northeast Corridor run north of the site, with the bustling Elmwood Avenue corridor sitting to the south along the main frontage. While a large warehouse is not exactly the best addition to a neighborhood, it still makes for a better use of space than a vacant lot.

Rendering of Trolley Modernization. Credit: DVRPC.

Rendering of Trolley Modernization. Credit: DVRPC.

The most notable feature about the property, however, is what was formerly planned at the site. In the coming years, SEPTA aims to renovate its trolley system with modern stations and light rail rolling stock. The property at hand was targeted as a potential site for a service yard for the new vehicles, with SEPTA making a bid on the site. Amazon, however, outbid SEPTA and acquired the property.

This proved not to be the best look for the massive corporation, prioritizing a distribution center over a key infrastructural project that would benefit thousands of commuters throughout the city and help spark further economical development. In the company’s defense, however, the new facility will be adding 300-500 full time jobs, with salaries starting at $15 per hour. Many of these jobs will go to residents of the local community, which is certainly a win.

Transit access is offered directly in front of the site via the aforementioned SEPTA trolleys.


All in all, we feel that this is a frustrating and disappointing  result for the property.

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20 Comments on "Permits Issued for Amazon Warehouse at 6901 Elmwood Avenue in Elmwood Park, Southwest Philadelphia"

  1. What happened to the UPS warehouse on Red lion roar in NE Philadelphia?

    SEPTA has no one but themselves to blame for letting Amazon get the land. They should have outbid Amazon and floated a bond issue to grab the site yet they don’t know if Biden will get his infrastructure bill passed in the Senate The Kawasaki trollies are not accessible to wheelchair bound people and senior citizens with knee issues.

  2. A shocking development that had been better off as a SEPTA rail yard.

    SEPTA trolley route 36 runs directly on Elmwood Street, while the Airport line runs along the opposite side.

  3. Looks like a giant waste of space.

  4. Is is my imagination, or is Yimby becoming less friendly to development? Mimby?

  5. Jobs are needed in order to keep people from killing each other in those neighborhoods, which is a no brainer.

  6. I think adding 500 jobs to the Philadelphia economy by a company such as amazon, who offer programs that pay for college etc, is a much better venture than a rail yard. No point of having superb infrastructure and zero jobs in one of the poorest major cities in America. Great job Amazon.

  7. YIMBY has never meant “just do anything, it’s better than nothing”.

    • 💣💯👏👏👏👏 I go All the way to Delaware PA to work for Amazon. DAY 1 Benefits, paid training also. With internal transfer I could get there in less than 15min and I could actually catch SEPTA on bad days that I don’t feel like driving. But you will work..most likely 10hr Shifts.

  8. We have a warehouse being built on Ashton and Grant Ave. trucks are very heavy and use Ashton Rd instead of Grant. The shake your house and dirt is awlful.

  9. Trying to apply for job

  10. I’m very excited about this, because people will not have to work without any Excuse.

  11. Davola Sutton | April 5, 2022 at 3:38 pm | Reply

    When is the warehouse scheduled to open at 70th and elmwood?

  12. God bless the community!

  13. Hopefully they will be opening soon. I drove by there May 6,2022 looks like the parking is almost finished…

  14. Ronald Burks | July 9, 2022 at 5:39 pm | Reply

    I like to find out if the company going to have any subcontracting work for a contractors from Philadelphia such as cleaning landscaping in the sort

  15. When will this open it looks like it’s finished I rode by there the other day

  16. Used to work overnight at the GE Breaker Plant. Dudes were all on drugs except maybe the guy who made an aquarium made out of the watercooler. They made us put a door on the bathroom because a lady saw me peeing in there and it was sexual harassment. I don’t remember getting much work done for about 6 years. Good times.

  17. Where will SEPTA park it’s new trollies?

  18. Harold Williams Sinclair | August 2, 2023 at 10:44 am | Reply

    When will the applications be available

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