Permits Issued for Ridge Flats in East Falls, Northwest Philadelphia

Ridge Flats at 4300-26 Ridge Avenue. Credit: KTGY Architecture & Planning.Ridge Flats at 4300-26 Ridge Avenue. Credit: KTGY Architecture & Planning.

Permits have been issued for Ridge Flats, a mixed-use development situated at 4300-26 Ridge Avenue in East FallsNorthwest Philadelphia. The building will rise five stories tall, with four wood-framed floor sitting above a singe-story podium. The project will hold around 10,000 square feet of retail space, 142 residential units, 117 partially covered surface parking spaces, and a green roof. Kinsley Construction is listed as the contractor, with KTGY Architecture & Planning behind the building’s design. In total, the structure will offer 180,879 square feet of space and will cost an estimated $30.5 million to build.

Rendering of the development via KTGY Architecture & Planning.

The building will boast a modern façade that will be sure to stand out upon the development’s completion. A mixture of different colored cladding covers the exterior, with orange used primarily, as well as some black and tan cladding mixed in. The building will create an urban street wall in the front along Ridge Avenue, helping continue to make the stretch of the commercial corridor less suburban-like and more like an urban mixed use corridor. At the project’s rear along Kelly Drive, the building embraces the park-like environment with a large public outdoor space topped with grassy areas and seating. Trees will be planted throughout the property, helping add more shade and green to the landscape.

Aerial view of the site via Google.

The development  will be replacing a large vacant land parcel, which features a massive patch of asphalt and a one story industrial building tucked in the corner.The structure features a plain and somewhat featureless design, with a concrete wall painted beige and white.

The development will do numbers to greatly improving the area, adding more green space along the Schuylkill River and creating an urban street format along Ridge. Additionally, the project will boost the area’s density, adding 142 residential units on a property currently occupied by zero.

The project has been in the works for some time now, and this is not the project’s first design. However, now that permits have been issued, the development may now be underway and construction can begin at any time.

No completion date for the project is known at this time, though construction may be finished by 2022 or 2023.

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1 Comment on "Permits Issued for Ridge Flats in East Falls, Northwest Philadelphia"

  1. It took a very long time to sate the nitwits who were opposed to any construction. The city butted in fir no reason, causing unneeded delays and at one point hinted the project would be called to a third CDR which never happened at all. CDR is an useless function designed to give a voice to neighbors screaming for unreasonable demands to be met.

    Plenty of projects are coming to the area which will make up for the list floors at this project.

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