Construction Complete at 2206 North 2nd Street in Norris Square

2206 North 2nd Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. May 20242206 North 2nd Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. May 2024

A recent site visit by Philadelphia YIMBY has confirmed that construction work has been completed at a three-story, mixed-use building at 2206 North 2nd Street in Norris Square, North Philadelphia. The structure replaces a vacant lot situated on the west side of the block between West Susquehanna and West Dauphin streets. The building rises from a 1,000-square-foot footprint and features 3,960 square feet of interior space, comprised of two residential units. The development feature full sprinkling. The roof deck apparently provides sweeping vistas, given a near-total lack of taller buildings nearby. Permits list Adeline Kupa as the owner, Paul Dietz as the design professional, and Qazim Kupa as the contractor. Construction costs are specified at $175,000.

2206 North 2nd Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. May 2024

2206 North 2nd Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. May 2024

Featuring a plain beige brick exterior, unadorned aside from minor stone plinths beneath the windows, the finished building is rather utilitarian-looking. However, it respects its surrounding rowhouse context by matching the established street wall and featuring a brick exterior.

The building rises on a thoroughfare that was significantly affected by the postwar advent of depopulation and subsequent demolitions. As of today, nearly half of the properties on either side of the street sit abandoned. The block has not seen new construction, and only minimal renovations, since the end of World War II, so the proposal at hand, minor as it may be, is a refreshing development for the area, representing developer faith in the local real estate market. As such, we may expect to see surrounding properties redeveloped in the near future, as well.

2206 North 2nd Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. May 2024

2206 North 2nd Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. May 2024

The planned structure is well-suited for the site, though an eventual exclusion of originally planned commercial space is regrettable, as it would have contributed to the retail corridor along the street. However, the large lots nearby should logically be able to accommodate much larger buildings, as well, given the amount of existing infrastructure and desirable attractions in the surrounding area. At least nine schools, two subway stations, a hospital (Temple University Hospital-Episcopal Campus), and several parks are located within a 15-minute walking radius. A 20-minute walk takes residents to Temple University and SEPTA regional rail to the southwest, or the arts, dining, and nightlife hub in Fishtown to the southeast.

Given these social amenities, ample development-ready space, and the street’s broad width, it would be reasonable for the city to consider allowing construction of buildings that would bring a greater density to the block than what is currently permitted.

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3 Comments on "Construction Complete at 2206 North 2nd Street in Norris Square"

  1. Craig M Oliner | May 26, 2024 at 1:21 pm | Reply

    2206 North 2nd Street was completed more than a year ago. OTOH, 2208, the Frankenstein next door, was finished within the past year.

    This block will remain bleak if no one has the foresight and will to plant some greenery — street trees, shrubs, vines, window boxes, planters, something, anything.

  2. Boy the is one crappy looking building

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