2400 Frankford Avenue

2400 Frankford Avenue. Photo by Jamie Meller. July 2022

Completion Nears at 2400 Frankford Avenue in Fishtown

A recent site visit by Philadelphia YIMBY has discovered that construction is nearing completion at a four-story mixed-use building at 2400 Frankford Avenue in Fishtown, Kensington. The structure is rising at the angled northern corner of the three-way intersection between Frankford Avenue, Trenton Avenue, and East York Street, where a traffic circle was recently constructed. Designed by CANNOdesign and developed by Khosla Properties, the structure will span 17,972 square feet and hold 2,459 square feet of retail space and 15 apartments. Features include full sprinkling, a green roof, and parking for five bicycles. Permits list Tester Construction Group as the contractor and a construction cost of $2.6 million.

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