Construction Progresses at Northbank on the Delaware River Waterfront in Fishtown, Kensington

Rendering of Northbank. Credit: Northbank.Rendering of Northbank. Credit: ISA Architects.

Construction has made significant progress at Northbank, a large development underway at 2001 Beach Street on the Delaware River waterfront in Fishtown, Kensington. The project replaces a massive vacant swathe of land with a mixed-use complex that will act as a mini-neighborhood of its own. In total, the project will contain just under 900 residential units. The development will be anchored by two large mixed-use buildings and will also include 254 townhouses and 104 stacked homes.

For an in-depth look at the project, visit Philly YIMBY’s breakdown, which showcases the full scale and design of the massive development.

Rendering of Northbank. Credit: Northbank.

Rendering of Northbank. Credit: ISA Architects.

The overall layout of the new development consists of a multi-purpose trail between the waterfront and a large cluster of townhomes, each opening onto a pedestrian-only greenway in the front and a driveway for garage access in the rear. Deeper inland, the so-called Main Street will feature dense mixed-use buildings and stacked condos.

The homes vary in size and style, creating for a pleasant variety of architecture. Primarily, however, the homes will all feature brickwork of a brown or off-brown color, also paired with metal paneling and tan siding. Again, for a detailed look into individual designs, please refer to YIMBY’s feature.

A recent social media posting from Northbank reveals more progress has been made on the townhome portion of the project. For a long time, a large number of the homes have been topped out, with façade work happening more recently. However, some homes are still in the framing stage, while others are ready for façade application. By now, we can already observe the sheer scale of the development.

Current view of Northbank. Credit: Northbank.

Current view of Northbank. Credit: Northbank.

Current view of Northbank. Credit: Northbank.

Current view of Northbank. Credit: Northbank.

The community has began to make its impact on the surrounding area. Since it sits on a small peninsula, the project can be easily viewed from numerous viewpoints along the Delaware River to the north and south, including from popular locations in Center City. The soon-to-come river trail will also add a crucial segment of the developing Delaware River Trail, which recently opened many new segments and added significant mileage to the route.

Philly YIMBY will continue to monitor progress made on the project.

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4 Comments on "Construction Progresses at Northbank on the Delaware River Waterfront in Fishtown, Kensington"

  1. Those are rental units, not purchasable condos.
    It will offer covered parking spaces though.

    It has potential.

  2. While the project looks nice, it would’ve been better if the project was like Liberty on the River, which was a combination of townhouses and midrises. Instead we get nothing but townhouses, which in my opinion is a waste considering the superior location of being in the Delaware waterfront. Once again it’s a nice project, but this would’ve been more suitable if you placed it in Ardmore, Conshohocken, or Willow Grove than the Delaware River waterfront, hence the reason why Phoenix, San Antonio, and even Miami, Dallas, San Diego, and Atlanta will surpass Philadelphia in city and metro population.

  3. @skywalker lol whut? someone has a massive inferiority complex.

    there is literally no high rise residential development in atlanta. you don’t even make sense. atlanta is the 38th largest city in the country. 32 spots behind philadelphia.

    phoenix is a massive sprawling suburban city. literally who cares that its population is.

    we’re fine.

  4. @3rd&Brown, I agree

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