36 South 2nd Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. September 2023

Construction Complete at AMBLE at 40 South 2nd Street in Old City

A recent site visit by Philadelphia YIMBY noted that construction work is complete at AMBLE, a seven-story, 61-unit mixed-use building at 40 South 2nd Street in Old City. The development replaces a parking lot situated on the west side of the block between Market and Chestnut streets. Designed by CANNOdesign, the building spans 51,623 square feet and features ground-level retail, a basement, and a roof deck. Permits list the Tester Construction Group as the contractor and indicate a construction cost of $10.5 million.

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4442 Ridge Avenue. Photo by Jamie Meller. September 2023

Construction Nears Completion at The Anchorage at 4442 Ridge Avenue in East Falls, Northwest Philadelphia

Philly YIMBY’s recent site visit has observed that construction is complete at The Anchorage, a six-story, 136-unit mixed-use project at 4442 Ridge Avenue in East FallsNorthwest Philadelphia. Designed by HDO Architecture, the building spans 174,544 square feet and features a roughly 10,000-square-foot commercial space on the ground floor, as well as parking. Permits list Turn Key Realty as the contractor and indicate a construction cost of $17.4 million.

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21M at 2100 Market Street; rendering as seen from the corner of Market Street and North 22nd Street. Credit: Brandywine Realty Trust

Construction Still Pending at 21M in Center City West

As expected, a recent site visit by Philly YIMBY has discovered no signs of new construction at the site of 21M, a 350-foot-tall mixed-use tower proposed at 2100 Market Street in Center City West. Developed by the Brandywine Realty Trust, the project has been in the works for several years and has seen various iterations, with the latest one designed by Edry McHenry Architects. Since we last looked at the project for our most recent December countdown, no permits have been filed nor has any progress has been made at the site, where a parking lot continues to operate.

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Mural West. Credit: Atkin Olshin Scade Architects

Construction Still Pending at Mural West in Poplar, Lower North Philadelphia

As we anticipated (since construction permits still had not been filed), Philly YHIMBY’s recent site visit has found no signs of development at Mural West, a 363-foot-tall mixed-use tower proposed at 523 North Broad Street in Poplar, Lower North Philadelphia. Designed by Atkin Olshin Schade Architects and developed by Precision Realty Group, the project will provide office, retail, and commercial/medical space, as well as more than 200 residential units. The project will also include public plaza next to the eponymous mural, which is painted on the adjacent Mural Lofts residential building, as well as amenities such as a roof deck with potential restaurant space. If built, the tower will dramatically boost the skyline of Lower North Philadelphia and will stand as one of the tallest buildings north of Center City.

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620 Moore Street. Rendering credit: CANNOdesign

Construction Underway at 58-Unit Complex at 620 Moore Street in Wharton, South Philadelphia

Philly YIMBY’s recent site visit has revealed that construction is well underway on a block-long, 58-unit complex at 620 Moore Street in Wharton, South Philadelphia. Designed by CANNOdesign, the primarily residential development will consist of three adjoining buildings, each rising four stories and spanning a site flanked by Moore Street to the north, South 6th Street to the east, and South 7th Street to the west. A 52-unit apartment building, articulated as separate independent structures, will span the majority of the site. At the street corners, two mixed-use buildings will each hold a commercial space at the ground floor and three residences on the floors above.

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