Permits Issued for Renovation at 178-80 West Huntingdon Street in West Kensington

View of 178-80 West Huntingdon Street. Credit: Google.View of 178-80 West Huntingdon Street. Credit: Google.

Permits have been issued for a large multi-family conversion of an existing industrial structure at 178-80 Huntingdon Street in West Kensington. The building rises six stories tall at its highest point. Once completed, 49 residential units will be added to the building. The permit states that some of the units will be artist studios. In total, the building features 13,196 square feet of floor space. The conversion will cost an estimated $6 million.

View of 178-80 West Huntingdon Street. Credit: Google.

Aerial view of 178-80 West Huntingdon Street. Credit: Google.

The attractive building features an exterior almost entirely consumed of brick. The intricate facade offers a variety of detailing, adding significant texture to the building’s interesting façade.  The northern portion of the complex features a large gabled roof.  The southern portion rises six stories above street level and features a stately façade. Although the windows are clearly in need of replacement, the structure is in otherwise fair condition. The new windows to be installed will likely retain the same industrial style.

The building is a landmark in the neighborhood that stands above surrounding rowhomes, creating a unique presence. Rather than having the building demolished, the multi-family conversion is the perfect use of the property allowing the historic building to stand with little change on the outside while adding new residential density to the interior.

The permit is the latest in a long list of large multi-family permits to be issued in the neighborhood. For instance, in March, YIMBY shared that permits were issued for the conversion of one of the neighborhood’s other significant industrial buildings into a multi-family structure, bringing 54 new residential units to the area. Other new developments along the street and in the immediate area include 115 East Huntingdon Street, 140 West Huntingdon Street, 2400 East Huntingdon Street, 142 West Huntingdon Street, 2529 North 2nd Street, and 2523 and 2525 North Hancock Street. In an article covering the latter two addresses, we predicted that the complex at 178-80 West Huntingdon Street may be slated for residential conversion in the near future.

The area offers transit access via the Huntingdon Station on the Market-Frankford Line.

No completion date is known for the project at this time, though the renovation may be finished by 2023.

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6 Comments on "Permits Issued for Renovation at 178-80 West Huntingdon Street in West Kensington"

  1. More of this please!

  2. I found no direct SEPTA service to this property.

    Yes, technically you could walk a few blocks to the east or west, but you are on your own at that location.

    The brick facade looks rather depressing.
    This is not a desirable location. 🙁

  3. There’s so much building stock like this throughout Kensington. Up and down the area surrounding Lehigh all the way up to Feltonville and Juniata. I hope investment in this area continues, similar to this project. I realize not all of these can likely be salvaged, but i hope developers look at buildings like these first with an eye towards rehab and not demo.

  4. Jay R Farrell | July 6, 2021 at 4:15 pm | Reply

    Your friendly neighborhood fact checker here.

    You wrote: “The permit states that the units will be artist studios.”

    Well there will be *some* artist studios; here’s what the permit says: “…artist studios AND [emphasis added] (49) dwelling units…”

    So the 49 units will not be artist studios.

    • Colin LeStourgeon | July 6, 2021 at 4:17 pm | Reply

      Thanks for sharing. Checking back on the permit proves you are correct. The article will be updated accordingly 🙂

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