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W/Element Hotel from the Walt Whitman Bridge. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Philadelphia YIMBY Tracks Recently Completed Developments

Philadelphia YIMBY seeks to track the entire development cycle from new projects throughout the city, starting from early planning all the way to completion. The latter is the category we look at in our “category spotlight” series. Building completion articles, which welcome the latest additions into our urban fabric, generally make for visually rich content that allows us to take a given project off our development tracker and relegates it to something of an urban archive that tracks the city’s growth one building at a time.

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31 East Columbia Avenue. Building elevation. Credit: SITIO Architecture + Urbanism via the City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia YIMBY Features Increasing Number of Construction Blueprints in Publications

In order to further enhance the reader experience, at the start of the year Philadelphia YIMBY introduced a series of new categories that cater to specific classes of structures and topics, which we are covering in our ongoing “category spotlight” series. Moreover, we began to heavily feature architectural blueprints that have been submitted to the planning department for review. These project blueprints provide valuable insight into aspects of construction ranging from generally aesthetic to deeply technical, and are especially useful when no building renderings are currently available. For those looking to find recent project blueprints without browsing through Byzantine city record databases, we have created a dedicated “Blueprints” category, with a few examples listed below.

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1324 Frankford Avenue. Interior

Philadelphia YIMBY Reviews Various Residential Interiors

The goal of Philadelphia YIMBY is to address a wide range of urban development throughout the city, not only covering a variety of building forms and types, but also spanning different types of publications, which include building permits, construction updates, skyline renderings, an occasional historic feature, and more. While development news and construction updates remain as our primary focus, since the beginning of the year, we have increased the volume of articles that showcase building interiors, particularly residential, in order to give readers a better feel of what it would be like to actually reside in developments that we have previously generally covered only from the outside perspective. Below are a few examples from our “Interiors” category, introduced around the start of the year, which catalogs such articles.

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539 West Berks Street via the development team

Philadelphia YIMBY Catalogs New Single-Family Developments

Following the logical descending order of Philadelphia YIMBY’s ongoing “category spotlight” series, which looks at some of the new article categories we introduced at the start of the year, the final category among the unit-count groups goes to new single-family houses. When possible, we tend to focus on larger development, yet to property reflect the reality of the city’s real estate market, on occasion we cover a few of the numerous single-family projects that are proposed, under construction, and recently completed around the city. In his brilliant 2019 book The North Atlantic Cities, author Charles Duff calls Philadelphia as the greatest rowhouse city in the United States, putting it ahead of behemoths such as New York, Boston, and Baltimore. As most of the newly-built single-family houses are of the rowhouse variety, this category highlights the city’s enduring centuries-old vernacular tradition even if much of this new construction is styled in a contemporary manner. Please see below for a few examples from our recent publications.

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1725 North 21st Street

Philadelphia YIMBY Looks at Recent Projects with Two to Three Residential Units

In the continuing descending order of Philadelphia YIMBY’s ongoing “category spotlight” series, which looks at some of the new article categories we introduced at the start of the year, is the group of new buildings that feature two to three residential units. The category almost exclusively covers smaller, typically rowhouse-sized developments, although in some cases it intersects with larger groups of buildings consisting of several such structures. Please see below for several such projects that we have covered this year so far.

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