Penn Medicine

Pavilion and surrounding hospital buildings. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Exterior Nearly Complete at Pavilion at 300 South 33rd Street in University City, West Philadelphia

Façade work is nearly complete at the Pavilion, a medical building at 300 South 33rd Street in University City. With 1.5 million square feet of interior space, the Pavilion is one of the largest structures in West Philadelphia. The structure rises 343 feet and 17 stories as one of the tallest buildings of Penn Medicine, which is the project developer. The building was designed by the renown architects Foster + Partners, which has done several notable buildings around the world, such as the Gherkin in London, the Hearst Tower in New York City, and the Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia. The structure replaces an older Penn Medicine building, a high-rise called Penn Tower.

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The Laurel Rittenhouse Square in the Philadelphia skyline from Walt Whitman Bridge. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Listing Some Of The Most Impactful Additions To The Philadelphia Skyline Since 2017

The Philadelphia skyline has long provided an iconic image for the city and the state, with high-rise buildings dating back to the late 19th century, the most iconic being the City Hall, which topped out in 1894 as the tallest habitable building in the world, a title it held until 1908. Each era of skyscraper construction has made a significant impact on the skyline, with prominent types of skyscrapers defining each time period. The city has recently seen a skyscraper construction boom, which began around 2017, with many high-rises completed and under construction since that time. Philadelphia YIMBY looks at some of the most impactful structures that the city has received during this period.

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Interior Work Nears Completion at Pavilion at 300 South 33rd Street in University City, West Philadelphia

Southern University City is growing increasingly crowded with high-rise hospital buildings, with the latest being the 343-foot-tall, 17-story Pavilion at 300 South 33rd Street. Designed by Foster + Partners as part of the Penn Medicine campus, the 1.5-million-square-foot structure makes a massive contribution to densifying the west side of the city and ranks at number 19 on Philly YIMBY’s December Development Countdown. The broad building stands out on the skyline with its eye-catching, curvy design. The development cost approximately $1.5 billion. Our recent site visit revealed that the exterior is complete, with interior work nearly finished, as well.

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Exterior Work Wraps on Pavilion at 300 South 33rd Street in University City, West Philadelphia

After three years of construction, Pavilion, a steel behemoth in the hospital district of University City in West Philadelphia, nears completion. Located at 300 South 33rd Street, the building was designed by Foster + Partners at a height of 343 feet and 17 stories with a total square footage of 1.5 million square feet, the same amount as the Comcast Technology Center (also designed by Foster + Partners). The structure will roughly double the number of hospital beds at Penn Medicine. The Pavilion rises from the former site of the 254-foot-tall, 20-story Penn Tower, completed in 1974, demolished to make room for this massive development.

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Penn Medicine To Soon Wrap Up Construction On Pavilion at 300 South 33rd Street in University City

Over the pat three years, a massive structure has risen at 300 South 33rd Street, making a impact on the hospital district in University City. The 17-story Pavilion rises to a height of 343 feet with 500 rooms added to Penn Medicine. The 1.5 million-square-foot building has a similar square footage and same architect (Foster and Partners) as the tallest skyscraper in Philadelphia, the Comcast Technology Center.

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