1539 North 26th Street

The Vienna at 1539 North 26th Street. Credit: Design Pro Development

YIMBY Looks at Amenities and Rental Units at The Vienna in Brewerytown, North Philadelphia

Earlier this month, Philly YIMBY has announced the completion of The Vienna, a five-story, 26-unit rental apartment building at 1539 North 26th Street in BrewerytownNorth Philadelphia. The development was designed by KCA Design Associates, developed by Design Pro Development, and spans 29,042 square feet. Today we take an in-depth look into the building’s amenities and units.

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1539 North 26th Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. March 2022

The Vienna, a 26-Unit Rental Building, Stands Complete in Brewerytown, North Philadelphia

A recent site visit by Philly YIMBY has confirmed the completion of The Vienna, a five-story, 26-unit rental apartment building at 1539 North 26th Street in BrewerytownNorth Philadelphia. The structure rises on the east side of the block between Jefferson Street and West Oxford Street. Designed by KCA Design Associates and developed by Design Pro Development, with GRIT Construction as the contractor, the structure spans 29,042 square feet and features ground-level retail as well as residential amenities such as parking, a fitness center, and a roof deck. Permits list a construction cost of $4 million.

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North Central Philadelphia. Credit: Google Maps

North Central Philadelphia Takes the 19th Place on Philly YIMBY’s First Anniversary Countdown

Philadelphia YIMBY’s First Anniversary Countdown, which looks at the most frequently mentioned article categories over the course of the past year, briefly took a backseat to hot-off-the-presses content we shared with our readers. Today, we resume the series by looking at the 19th place in the countdown, which goes to North Philadelphia East, which has garnered 40 category mentions. To be more precise, this entry also includes North Central Philadelphia and North Philadelphia West, which have amassed 36 and 34 mentions, respectively. We are grouping all three in a single publication due to significant overlap between the categories.

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The new Philadelphia skyline. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Philly YIMBY Launches Its First Anniversary Countdown by Looking at Rittenhouse Square and Brewerytown

A year ago, the start of August marked the launch of Philadelphia YIMBY. We were excited to extend New York YIMBY’s years-long legacy of covering architecture, construction, and development to the City of Brotherly Love. Since that time, our staff has shared over 1,000 articles, covering a wide variety of topics that were cataloged into more than 1,800 categories. In celebration of Philly YIMBY’s first anniversary, we look at our most frequently tagged categories in a month-long series of articles that will run as a countdown that starts with the 31th most-popular category and will run until it hits number one. Today we begin our countdown by looking at Rittenhouse Square and Brewerytown, the two categories tied for the 31st place.

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