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900 North 8th Street via Cosica Mood Architecture

Two High-Rise Residential Buildings Proposed for 900 North 8th Street in Poplar, North Philadelphia

The Poplar neighborhood in North Philadelphia is not known for its skyline, yet two buildings proposed at 900 North 8th Street will elevate its profile. The east building will stand 154 feet and 12 stories tall wile the west tower will rise 134 feet and 11 floors. with APOM Holdings as the developer. The complex, developed by APOM Holdings and designed by Coscia Moos Architecture will stand at the corner of North 8th Street and Poplar Street and will house a total of 338 residential units.

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Permits Filed for 2051-77 Ridge Avenue in Cecil B. Moore, North Philadelphia

Permits have been filed for the construction of a four-story apartment building at 2051-77 Ridge Avenue in the Cecil B. Moore neighborhood of North Philadelphia. Alternately addressed as 2051-2077 Ridge Avenue, the filing calls for a total of 33,830 square feet of floor space, with ground-floor commercial space and 27 residential units above. Permits list Philadelphia Housing Authority as the owner and Ernest Bock & Sons INC as the contractor for the project.

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1721 North 21st Street. Looking east. Credit: Google

Permits Filed for 1721 North 21st Street in Cecil B. Moore, North Philadelphia

A zoning permit has been filed for the construction of a six-unit residential structure at 1721 North 21st Street in the Cecil B. Moore neighborhood in North Philadelphia. Since the lot was merged with the adjacent 1723 North 21st Street earlier this year, the proposal may likely consist of a joined three-story townhouse pair situated within an attached or a merged structure, given that the permit calls for two roof decks. The combined structure will span a total of 2,000 square feet of ground space. Aberra Negash A is the listed owner.

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