East Kensington

2118 East York Street. Aerial view prior to redevelopment. Looking south. Credit: Google Maps

Permits Issued for 2118 East York Street in Fishtown

Permits have been issued for the construction of a three-story single-family rowhouse at 2118 East York Street in Fishtown. The new building will rise from a vacant lot on the southwest side of the block between Amber Street and the Fishtown Roundabout. Designed by Leake Engineering, the structure will span 2,800 square feet and will feature a basement and a roof deck. Permits list Simo Ayer as the contractor.

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Rendering fo 2000-20 East Hagert Street. Credit: T + Associates.

Excavation Continues at 2000-20 East Hagert Street in East Kensington

Philadelphia YIMBY’s recent site visit has noted that excavation work continues for a seven-story, 108-unit residential building at 2000-20 East Hagert Street in East Kensington. The project is bound by East Hagert Street to the east, Emerald Street to the north, and East Boston Street to the west. Designed by T + Associates Architects, the development will span 93,832 square feet and will feature 13 artist studios, underground parking for 19 cars, and space for 37 bicycles, as well as a green roof and a roof deck. Permits list Top Measure LLC as the contractor and indicate a construction cost of $7.4 million.

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Rendering of 2157 East Lehigh Avenue. Credit: DesignBlendz.

First Building Nears Completion at Complex at 2157 East Lehigh Avenue in Kensington

A recent site visit by Philadelphia YIMBY has noted that construction is nearly complete on one of the four buildings at a 278-unit mixed-use development underway at 2157 East Lehigh Avenue in East Kensington, with construction work well underway on the rest. Designed by DesignBlendz, the project’s four structures will stand between 60 to 75 feet tall. Building A (01) will rise six stories and span 73,124 square feet, and contain commercial space at the ground floor and 81 residential units, a roof deck, and a small parking garage, with construction costs estimated at $3.5 million. Building B (02) will rise seven stories, span 65,550 square feet, and feature 72 units. Building C (03) will rise six stories, hold 60 residences, span 56,981 square feet, and include a roof deck and a garage, though it will not offer commercial space on the ground floor, and cost $3.5 million to build. Matching the other structures, Building D (04) will also reach a height of six stories and include a garage and 65 residential units, though it will not house any commercial space. In total, the building will hold 71,437 square feet of space, and cost $3.5 million. The development will include parking for 132 cars and 96 bicycles.

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2019-53 East Boston Street. Credit: DesignBlendz.

Renderings Revealed For 2019-53 East Boston Street in East Kensington

Renderings have been revealed for a new mixed-use development located at 2019-53 East Boston Street in East Kensington. Designed by Designblendz, the project will consist of a renovation of an existing industrial structure and the demolition of a low-slung addition to said building, with a new multi-family building taking its place. The new structure will yield 100 new residential units within its six-story height, while the renovation of the existing industrial building will replace its existing roof with a roof deck, and will add five industrial spaces to the ground floor. The project will include parking for 34 cars and 61 bicycles.

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2000 East Huntingdon Street. Building elevation. Credit: Here's The Plan, LLC via the City of Philadelphia

Permits Issued for 2000 East Huntingdon Street in East Kensington

Permits have been issued for the construction of a three-story, three-unit apartment building at 2000 East Huntingdon Street in East Kensington. The structure will replace a vacant lot on the southern corner of the intersection between East Huntingdon and Emerald streets. The building will span 3,000 square feet and will feature a basement and a roof deck, the latter apparently reserved for use by the topmost unit. Permits list Paul Dietz III as the architect of record and Qazim Kupa as the contractor. The construction cost is specified at $144,000.

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