Arthaus and The Laurel in the skyline from the I-95. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Philly YIMBY Observes High-Rise Construction From The I-95

The image of Philadelphia is constantly changing as the skyline continues to expand. Every year, more developments are being proposed and starting construction, at a rapid pace the city has not seen in a long time. Though the proposals are not as major as the Liberty Place towers in mass and design, the newest additions are still making a mark on the Philadelphia skyline from many angles. One of the best skyline perspectives in the city is available from the Interstate 95, a highway runs along the Delaware River from Northeast Philadelphia all the way down to the Commodore Barry Bridge to the south and beyond. Today we look at some of the most significant projects under construction in the city from the interstate.

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Two Cathedral Square at 227 North 18th Street. Credit: Solomon Cordwell Buenz

The Ultimate 2022 Philly Skyline Rundown: Top 30 Tallest Buildings Under Construction and Proposed in Philadelphia

Earlier this month, YIMBY reported that Philadelphia is poised for a record year of construction in 2022. Low- and mid-rise projects, the type that will provide much-needed housing units by the thousands, comprise the bulk of new development. However, the city is also slated to gain a crop of new high-rises that will further boost the already iconic skyline. In recent weeks, we published several compilations, such as the December 2021 Development Countdown and two lists tallying up the current tallest under-construction and proposed projects. Today, we put them all together and add bonus content to create the Ultimate 2022 Philadelphia Skyline Rundown, which tallies the 30-plus tallest buildings that are under construction or proposed as of the start of this year. To avoid covering too much familiar ground, we added new features to each entry, such as quick facts, featured stories, project contractors (when applicable), and extra photos and renderings, some of which YIMBY has not yet shared before. Read on for our Top 30 list, which makes for Philly YIMBY’s most comprehensive development article to date.

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Two Cathedral Square in the Philadelphia skyline from the Museum of Art. Photo and model by Thomas Koloski

Top 10 Tallest High-Rises Proposed in Philadelphia as of 2022

Yesterday, Philadelphia YIMBY published a list of the ten tallest buildings currently under construction throughout the city. Today, our encore looks at the top ten tallest proposals that are on the drawing boards for the City of Brotherly Love. Of these, six are located in Center City, three in University City in West Philadelphia, and one more in Poplar in Lower North Philadelphia. The list includes buildings ranging from those where construction is all but assured to projects with a rather uncertain status. Excluded are buildings that are evidently in purely conceptual stages, such as the various supertalls tentatively planned in University City. But regardless of status and actual likelihood of proximate construction, we hope to see all the projects below to move into the construction phase some time this year.

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Philadelphia skyline from the Walt Whitman Bridge. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Top 10 Tallest Buildings Under Construction in Philadelphia in 2022

Given the number of new permits issued last year, Philadelphia appears on track for a record volume of construction this year. The majority of such construction is of the low- and mid-rise variety. Of course, there are also marquee developments that will boost the city’s iconic skyline. Today Philly YIMBY looks at the ten tallest buildings under construction in the city as of 2022. Among these, seven are underway in Center City and three more are rising in University City in West Philadelphia. We look forward to seeing further progress on these developments throughout the course of the year.

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Philadelphia skyline from New Jersey January 2022. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Observing Construction on the Philadelphia Skyline as Seen From New Jersey

The city of Philadelphia and the surrounding region offers ample vantage points for viewing the skyline. The more distant views often show a clear perspective of a large swath of the growing skyline, offering various angles that go unseen angles from within the city itself. These views clearly show the new vertical mass being added to Center City and beyond, with tower cranes visible in various locations. In this feature, Philadelphia YIMBY observes various new projects rising into the skyline from a vantage point in New Jersey to the southeast of Center City.

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