South Philadelphia

CHOP Robert's Center (left) and 730 Schuylkill Avenue (right). Image by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

CHOP’s Roberts Center for Pediatric Research Phase 3 to Rise 350 Feet in Graduate Hospital, South Philadelphia

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is in the process of a $3.4 billion expansion in West and South Philadelphia. The latest proposed structure is the Roberts Center for Pediatric Research Phase 3, a 350-foot-tall tower planned at 730 Schuylkill Avenue in the western section of South Philadelphia’s Graduate Hospital neighborhood, which is also known as Schuylkill Grays Ferry and Devil’s Pocket. The new structure will stand as a fraternal twin to the first phase of Roberts Center, a 375-foot-tall building completed in 2017. Project information remains sparse, but the design will likely be led by the office of Pelli Clarke Pelli, which designed the first phase.

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Huge Lot Awaits Construction at 1001 South Broad Street in Hawthorne, South Philadelphia

At 1001 South Broad Street, at the corner of Washington Avenue and South Broad Street in Hawthorne, South Philadelphia, a massive 4.4-acre lot has long remained empty, awaiting development as several proposals have been revealed on the site. The new project, designed by Cope Linder Architects, will soon rise to a height of 426 feet and feature 1,800,000 square feet of residential and retail space. Though the most recent design was unveiled in 2016, not a single shovelful of earth has yet been moved for construction.

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