University City

Philadelphia's South Street Bridge. Looking northwest. Credit: li2nmd via Wikipedia

The History Behind the South Street Bridge

Many locations offer views of the Philadelphia skyline, yet some spots offer uniquely dramatic vistas that effectively catch the eye and stay etched in one’s mind. South Street is home not only to a popular stretch of retail, restaurants, and markets, but also to the South Street Bridge, which crosses the Schuylkill River and connects Center City and South Philadelphia to University City in West Philadelphia. For over a century, the bridge has offered sweeping skyline views to locals and visitors alike. Today Philadelphia YIMBY looks at the history behind the iconic bridge.

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The Philadelphia skyline as seen from the Walt Whitman Bridge. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Looking at Some of the Most Impactful Additions to the Philadelphia Skyline Since 2017

The Philadelphia skyline has long provided an iconic image for the city and the state, with high-rise buildings dating back to the late 19th century, the most iconic being the City Hall, which topped out in 1894 as the tallest habitable building in the world, a title it held until 1908. Each era of skyscraper construction has made a significant impact on the skyline, with prominent types of skyscrapers defining each time period. The city has recently seen a skyscraper construction boom, which began around 2017, with many high-rises completed and under construction since that time. Philadelphia YIMBY looks at some of the most impactful structures that the city has received during this period.

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Construction Progresses on the 281-Unit Next LVL in University City, West Philadelphia

Construction is progressing quickly on Next LVL, a mixed-use development at 4223 Chestnut Street in University CityWest Philadelphia. Designed by JKRP Architects and developed by the Alterra Property Group, the roughly 250,000-square-foot building stands seven stories tall and is built with modular construction. The project will hold 281 residential units and eight thousand square feet of retail.

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The Standard at Philadelphia Unveiled at 119 South 31st Street in University City, West Philadelphia

A large proposal called The Standard at Philadelphia has been unveiled at 119 South 31st Street in University City, West Philadelphia. Designed by CUBE 3, the development will consist of a 219-foot-tall building standing 17 stories with two underground levels. The project went to the Civic Design Review but still remains somewhat mysterious because of the limited detail provided. No specific number of residential units has been provided, although it will likely be in the hundreds due to the size of the building. Additionally, the project will contain parking, although the number of spaces has also not been confirmed.

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Cira Center, Evo, and FMC Tower from South Street. Photo by Thomas Koloski

A Look Back at How FMC Tower Elevated the West Philadelphia Skyline

The 736-foot-tall, 49-story FMC Tower at 2929 Walnut Street has stood as one of the tallest towers in Philadelphia since its completion in 2017, with a sharp design that elevates the University City skyline to new heights once seen as barely imaginable for the area. Along with Evo and Cira Green, the tower has given West Philadelphia a dramatic profile with eye-catching good designs. The abovementioned skyscrapers have the same designer, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, and all feature angled cuts. Developed by Brandywine Realty Trust, FMC Tower also displays distinctive curvy façades. Nighttime lighting with a red FMC logo topping the north and south faces adds an extra distinctive touch.

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