Center City

1620 Sansom Street. Credit: Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Excavation Underway at 1620 Sansom Street in Rittenhouse Square, Center City

After demolition finally wrapped up at 1620 Sansom Street, excavation work is underway for the 340-foot-tall, 28-story high-rise. The tower will stand in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Center City, just two blocks to the south of Liberty Place. The building will feature 306 residential units, as well as commercial space on the ground floor. The earlier iteration’s unit and lesser floor count was bumped up two months ago via a permit filing.

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33 North 22nd Street. Credit: Solomon Cordwell Buenz / PMC Property Group via the Civic Design Review

Architecture Firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz Comes In at Number 23 on Philly YIMBY’s First Anniversary Countdown

Philadelphia YIMBY’s First Anniversary Countdown, which looks at the most frequently mentioned article categories over the course of the past year, finds architecture firm Solomon Cordwell Buenz at number 23 out of the more than 1,800 analyzed categories, with a total of 34 tags amassed during the period. The company, which is (spoiler alert) the only architecture firm to feature in the entire Countdown, owes its high ranking to both a large number of significant ongoing developments and our prolific coverage of such.

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One Liberty Place and the W/Element Hotel lit up from New Jersey. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Last Year’s December Development Countdown Ranks at Number 24 on Philly YIMBY’s First Anniversary Countdown

We apologize for the somewhat confusing headline. Philadelphia YIMBY’s First Anniversary Countdown tracks the most frequently mentioned article categories over the course of the past year. Last year’s December Development Countdown, which looked at the 31 tallest buildings under construction or proposed in the city, racked up 31 category listings during its month-long run, earning it the 24th place on the ongoing countdown. Today we look at the top three entries from the December Countdown, all located in Center City, and check in on the progress they have made so far in 2021.

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Current view of 1325 Spruce Street. Credit: Google.

Permits Issued for Renovation of Prewar Townhouse at 1325 Spruce Street in Washington Square West, Center City

Permits have been issued for a multi-family renovation of a four-story prewar building at 1325 Spruce Street in Washington Square WestCenter City. Upon completion, the building will be refitted to house nine residential units. The renovations are expected to cost $207,350. D N Construction Company is listed as the project’s contractor.

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Unfinished Liberty Place design model. Photo from Helmut Jahn

A Look at Early Iterations of Liberty Place When It Was Planned to Rise Under 500 Feet in Height

The Liberty Place complex in Center City is known for being the first building in Philadelphia to dramatically break the unofficial 548-foot height limit that was set by the statue of William Penn on top of City Hall. Upon completion, One and Two Liberty Place were the tallest skyscrapers on the skyline, standing at a height of 945 and 848 feet, respectively. The towers were designed by Helmut Jahn and developed by Rouse and Associates, which eventually became Liberty Property Trust. In this feature, Philadelphia YIMBY takes a look back at a number of early iterations of the complex when the towers were planned to stand around or under 500 feet in height.

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