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Second scheme of the PSFS Building. Image via George Howe and William Edmond Lescaze

YIMBY Presents Massing Renderings of the Second Design for the PSFS Building

In recent weeks, Philadelphia YIMBY has shared a series of publications on the historic PSFS Building at 1200 Market Street in Market East, Center City. Yesterday we looked in detail at the first iteration of the building designed by architects George Howe and William Lescaze, who partnered in 1929. In this feature, we present massing renderings of the second design. The roof height of the current building stands 491 feet above the ground, which is likely as high as the iterations analyzed here would have also risen.

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Rendering of One Dock Street. Credit: BLT Architects.

Construction Equipment Arrives at One Dock Street in Society Hill, Center City

Construction equipment has arrived at the site of One Dock Street, a 374-foot-tall, 31-story high-rise proposed in Society HillCenter City. Designed by BLT Architects, the tower will contain 272 residential units and will be connected to the existing four-story Marriot Hotel. Amenities will include a roof deck and a roof-top pool. In total, the tower will hold 288,997 square feet of space.

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First scheme of the PSFS Building. Image via George Howe

YIMBY Presents Massing Renderings of the First PSFS Building Design

In the 1920s, banks were looking for space in cities around the country as the economy boomed. In Philadelphia, multiple high-rises were under construction and in proposal stages as Center City was rapidly transforming. One of these financial institutions, the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society, was scouting the city for space for a new office building and eventually selected the site at 1200 Market Street, where the William Penn Charter School once stood. Architects George Howe and William Lescaze designed the PSFS Building, which stood as one of the most massive buildings in the skyline for decades. In this feature, Philadelphia YIMBY presents massing renderings of an early iteration of the that was drawn up in 1928.

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Philadelphia 1985 and 1990 south elevation. Models and image by Thomas Koloski

YIMBY Presents Massing Animations of The Philadelphia Skyline Growth from 1985 to 1990

In recent months, YIMBY shared multiple publications covering the historical status of the Philadelphia skyline. Though our massing renderings have gone all the way back to when City Hall stood alone in the skyline, the modern skyline largely came into being around 30 years ago, when developers finally dared to pass its 548-foot-high William Penn Statue. Philadelphia YIMBY presents our custom animation of the Philadelphia skyline rising between the years 1985 and 1990, when Center City received some of its most iconic skyscrapers.

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LOVE Park Welcome Center. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Renovation Underway at LOVE Park Welcome Center in Center City

Renovation work is in progress at the LOVE Park Welcome Center in LOVE Park in Center City. The two-story building stands across the street to the east of Suburban Station. The renovated structure will house a restaurant, with new lighting, exterior glass, interior and roof finishes, security, and mechanical systems. The restaurant will fit 50 to 55 patrons inside, while the balcony and terrace will seat 135 people. The architect of the project is Kieran Timberlake, who had also submitted a proposal for Penn’s Landing a number of years ago.

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