West Philadelphia

667 North 52nd Street. Looking east. Credit: Google

Permits Issued for Three-Unit Building at 667 North 52nd Street in Mill Creek, West Philadelphia

A permit has been issued for the construction of a three-story, three-unit residential building at 667 North 52nd Street in Mill Creek, West Philadelphia. The building will rise from a 915-square-foot footprint and will contain 3,660 square feet of floor space, a cellar, and full sprinkling. Permits list IRA Development LLC as the owner, Maher Abdelaal as the design professional, and Kumas Homes LLC as the contractor.

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Credit: Google.

Permits Issued for Ten-Unit Building at 701 North 40th Street in Mantua, West Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for the construction of a ten-unit multi-family structure at 701 North 40th Street in MantuaWest Philadelphia. The building will rise three stories tall upon completion. The structure will hold 3,158 square feet of space, include a roof deck, and cost $550,000 to build, although both of these numbers seem low for ten units.

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30th Street Station during the 2016 DNC. Image via Wikipedia

Taking a Look at 30th Street Station at 2955 Market Street in University City, West Philadelphia

With the growth of rail transit in the early 1900s across the country, Philadelphia’s train network was also expanding. After the construction of the Broad Street Station, the larger 30th Street Station was built in University City, West Philadelphia, in order to increase the capacity of local transit. Built by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the station sits on the west side of the Schuylkill River, right in the middle of where John F. Kennedy Boulevard would run, with rail lines running and under the station and across the river. The Classic Revival structure was designed by Graham, Anderson, Probst & White, which also designed the Suburban Station in Center City and The Wrigley Building in Chicago.

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