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1222 Vine Street aka 1127 Race Street. Credit: Parkway Corporation

Potential Development Site Sits Dormant at 1222 Vine Street in Chinatown, Center City

A recent site visit by Philadelphia YIMBY has noted no signs of new development at a pair of parking lots spanning nearly two entire city blocks at 1222 Vine Street in Chinatown, Center City, just north of the Convention Center, held by the Parkway Corporation as a potential development site. Parkway is notable for holding and operating parking lots throughout the city and beyond and, when a favorable opportunity arises, redeveloping them, whether on their own or with a partner. The case at 1222 Vine Street appears to be the latter, as the site is listed on Parkway’s “opportunities” page. The combined site spans somewhere between 52,728 to 62,840 square feet and, under its CMX-4 zoning, may by right yield well over 600,000 square feet of development space it built to a floor-area-ratio of 12 to 1.

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Rendering of 1428-38 Callowhill Street. Credit: J2a Architects.

Construction Not Yet Started at 1428 Callowhill Street in Spring Garden, Lower North Philadelphia

Philadelphia YIMBY’s recent site visit has observed that construction has still not started at the site of a 13-story, 162-unit building proposed at 1428 Callowhill Street in Spring GardenLower North Philadelphia, though construction permits have been issued at the end of 2021. Designed by j2a Architects, the structure will span 117,624 square feet and feature parking for 31 cars and 74 bicycles. Permits list BSI Construction as the contractor and specify construction costs of $19 million.

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Rendering of 1201-15 Callowhill Street. Credit: JKRP Architects.

Construction Not Yet Commenced at 1201-15 Callowhill Street in Callowhill, Lower North Philadelphia

A recent site visit by Philly YIMBY has noted that construction has still not begun at a six-story, 65-unit mixed-use building proposed at 1201-15 Callowhill Street in Callowhill, Lower North Philadelphia, despite having received construction permits in 2021. Designed by JKRP Architects, the structure will feature 83,667 square feet of residential area. All units will be designated as co-living spaces, boasting 239 beds in total. The project will also include 3,989 square feet of retail on the ground floor and 8,854 square feet of office and amenity space. A 17,790-square-foot underground garage will hold 41 parking spaces, with two being ADA-compliant and three designated for electric vehicles. A total of 22 bicycle spaces will be included, as well. Permits list a construction cost of $17.2 million.

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3151 Market Street via Brandywine Realty

Facade Rises at 3151 Market Street in University City, West Philadelphia

Philly YIMBY’s recent site visit has observed that construction continues and facade assembly is underway at 3151 Market Street in University City, West Philadelphia. The building rises on the north side of Market Street between North 30th and North 32nd streets, with John F. Kennedy Boulevard to the north. Designed by Gensler and developed by Brandywine Realty Trust, the building will rise 226 feet and 14 stories and will span 495,000 square feet. The structure will house office and laboratory space, as well as retail on the ground floor.

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Rendering of 1810 Chestnut Street. Credit: Cecil Baker + Partners.

Construction Prep Starts at Freeman Condominiums in Rittenhouse Square, Center City

Philadelphia YIMBY’s recent site visit has noted that preparation for renovation and construction work has begun at the site of the 312-foot-tall, 25-story Freeman Condominiums at 1810 Chestnut Street in Rittenhouse Square, Center City. Designed by Cecil Baker + Partners, the project will renovate the six-story Samuel T. Freeman & Co. Auction House, built in 1923, with five floors of retail and commercial space facing the street, tenant amenities, and six stories of automated vehicle storage in the rear. The slender vertical addition will house 19 condominiums, most of which will be full-floor and bi-level units.

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