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1501 Fairmount Avenue. Photo by Jamie Meller. April 2022

Construction and Vertical Extension Anticipated at 1501 Fairmount Avenue in Fairmount, Lower North Philadelphia

Last September, Philly YIMBY reported that permits have been issued for the construction of a four-story-story, 20-unit addition and vertical addition to a prewar Art Deco commercial building at 1501 Fairmount Avenue in Fairmount, Lower North Philadelphia. More than half a year later, our visit revealed no construction progress at the development. Designed by Harman Deutsch Ohler Architecture, the development will add 20,558 square feet of space to the existing building, boosting the total area to 26,025 square feet. The project, which is also known under the address of 1501-05 Fairmount Avenue, will feature 5,467 square feet of commercial space, elevator service, roof decks, parking for seven bicycles, and full sprinkling. Permits list Construct Design Corp. Inc. as the contractor and a construction cost of $2.7 million.

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1325 Buttonwood Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. April 2022

A Study in Duality: Construction Nears Completion at 1325 Buttonwood Street in Callowhill, Lower North Philadelphia

Philly YIMBY’s recent site visit discovered that construction is nearly complete at a four-story, two-family residential development at 1325 Buttonwood Street in Callowhill, Lower North Philadelphia. The unusual-looking structure stands on the north side of the block between North 13th Street and North Broad Street. Permits list a floor area of around 3,000 square feet and Kevin O’Neill as the designer and Basch Builders as the contractor. Construction costs are specified at $555,000, of which $315,000 is allocated for general construction, $120,000 for plumbing, and $60,000 apiece for electrical and mechanical work.

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Rendering of Southbridge Condos at 701 South 19th Street. Credit: Zatos Investments.

Philly YIMBY Looks at New Developments Spanning 1,000 to 10,000 Square Feet

Today’s installment of Philly YIMBY’s Category Spotlight series focuses on Philadelphia’s proposed and under-construction developments that span between 1,000 and 10,000 square feet. This group generally covers the smallest size range of conventional urban construction (our only smaller category, which is reserved for buildings under 1,000 square feet, does not have even a single entry at this point). Buildings in this category typically range from single-family dwellings and multi-unit rowhouses to small apartment buildings with up to around ten residences. Below is a selection of some such buildings that we have covered since the beginning of the year, when we first introduced the category.

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Rendering of 1408-18 East Oxford Street. Credit: Ambit Architecture.

YIMBY Looks at Philadelphia’s New Developments Spanning Between 10,000 and 50,000 Square Feet

The latest installment in Philly YIMBY’s Category Spotlight series features Philadelphia’s proposed and under-construction developments that span between 10,000 and 50,000 square feet. Most of the projects within this size range are medium-sized, mid-rise developments that typically hold anywhere between ten and 50 residential units. These buildings frequently feature retail at the ground floor, which livens up the sidewalk experience, while their scale makes for an optimal fit for just about any neighborhood; as such, apartment buildings within this size range have long served as the backbone of cities around the world. Today we present a selection of some of such projects that are underway or on the drawing boards throughout Philadelphia.

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BruBox at 3120 Jefferson Street

BrüBox Completes Construction in Brewerytown, North Philadelphia

Last June, Philly YIMBY reported that construction was nearing completion at BrüBox at 3120 Jefferson Street in Brewerytown, North Philadelphia. Since that time, the five-story, 32-unit rental building, alternately spelled BruBox (without the umlaut), has been completed and open to residents. Designed by Coscia Moos Architecture and developed by Khosla Properties, with Tester Construction Group as the contractor the development spans 29,427 square feet and, according to permits, cost $5.15 million to construct. BrüBox offers residences ranging from studios to two-bedrooms and spanning 525 to 1,000 square feet and includes parking for ten cars and 11 bicycles.

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