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Rendering of 1428-38 Callowhill Street. Credit: J2a Architects.

Philadelphia YIMBY Tracks Projects Ranging from 100,000 to Half-Million Square Feet

Last month, Philadelphia YIMBY discussed new article categories that were introduced at the start of the year. Among those were categories that grouped new proposals by residential unit count, where we dedicated an article to each of the groups. However, at the time we also introduced a similar category tracking method, where we catalog buildings by square footage. Although this may sound like a similar measurement technique, the square footage categories are more broad as they also include non-residential developments. In today’s installment of our “category spotlight” series, we focus on projects that range from 100,000 to half a million square feet. This category is largely comprised of relatively large mid-and high-rise developments. Please note that since the category was introduced only at the start of the year, it currently excludes articles published prior to this year.

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841-51 South 2nd Street. Credit: HDP Architecture

Site Cleared at 841-51 South 2nd Street in Queen Village, South Philadelphia

Philly YIMBY’s recent visit observed that demolition has been complete at the site of a proposed four-story, 42-unit mixed-use building at 841-51 South 2nd Street in Queen Village, South Philadelphia. Designed by Harman Deutsch Ohler Architecture, the structure will rise at the northeast corner of 2nd and Christian streets and will span 54,313 square feet, with a plaza at the street corner and retail on the ground floor. The development will feature full sprinkling and a roof deck. Permits list Beck Street LLC as the owner, Indian Harbour Asset Management LLC as the contractor, and a construction cost of $6.79 million.

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Rendering of 1810 Chestnut Street. Credit: Cecil Baker + Partners.

Philadelphia YIMBY Tallies Projects With Vertical Extensions

As the “Yes In My Back Yard” acronym in our name suggests, Philadelphia YIMBY supports new development throughout the city. However, as our readers certainly know, we do so not at the cost of mindless destruction, and encourage historic preservation and adaptive reuse of distinguished structures whenever possible. Addition of new floors to existing structures is a fantastic way to increase the density at any given site while preserving, whether partially or fully, the structure that already stands. In today’s publication in our ongoing “category spotlight” series we look at vertical extensions that have been recently completed, are underway, or have been proposed in various new developments throughout the city.

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2710 Ridge Avenue. Photo by Jamie Meller. March 2022

Construction Nearly Finished at 2710 Ridge Avenue in Brewerytown, North Philadelphia

Philly YIMBY’s recent site visit reveals that construction work is nearly complete at a three-story, five-unit apartment building at 2710 Ridge Avenue in BrewerytownNorth Philadelphia. The development is located on the southwest side of the block between North 27th Street and West Glenwood Avenue. Designed by KCA Design Associates, the structure spans 5,850 square feet and features a basement, full sprinkling and a roof deck. Permits list CRBN LLC as the contractor and a construction cost of $800,000.

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1917 West Susquehanna Avenue. Photo by Jamie Meller. March 2022

No Activity Yet at 1917 West Susquehanna Avenue in North Central Philadelphia

Philly YIMBY’s recent site visit has observed no construction activity during our site visit to 1917 West Susquehanna Avenue, a multi-family residential structure proposed at in North Central Philadelphia. The building will span a footprint of 1,296 square feet and will feature a roof deck. 2103 N Franklin LLC is the listed owner. The site sits on the north side of the avenue, near the intersection with North Uber street. The structure will rise in place of a large, well-maintained grass lot with a two-plank wooden fence and a row of trees near the front. The block where the proposal is located has witnessed a particularly high percentage of postwar demolitions, with only around half of the original stock still standing. However, the area is witnessing a steady revival, with new developments being announced in the surrounding area with consistent regularity.

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