1821 Chestnut Street. Looking north. Credit: Google Maps

Parkway Corporation Seeks to Build Up To 60,000 Square Feet at 1821 Chestnut Street in Rittenhouse Square, Center City

Developer and parking operator Parkway Corporation seeks to redevelop a 3,000-square-foot property at 1821 Chestnut Street in Rittenhouse Square, Center City. Although Parkway Corporation specializes in operating parking lots and holding them as land banks for future development, in this instance the property is a single-story retail building (curiously, the property sits next to a parking lot, which does not appear to be affiliated with Parkway Corporation). The existing structure sits on narrow through-block lot that stretches from Chestnut Street to the south to alley-like Ranstead Street to the north. According to the developer, the lot is zoned CMX-5 for mixed-use development and can accommodate 36,000 square feet at a floor-area-ratio of 12:1, or 60,000 feet at an FAR of 20:1. Since the property is listed at Parkway Corporation’s “opportunities” page and no permits have been filed for the site, it appears that Parkway is seeking a partner and/or an anchor tenant prior to commencing development at the site.

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1331 South Juniper Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. January 2022

YIMBY Looks at Recently Completed 18-Unit Rental Building at 1331 South Juniper Street in Passyunk Square, South Philadelphia

Construction has been completed at 1331 South Juniper Street, a four-story mixed-use building in Passyunk SquareSouth Philadelphia. Designed by Moto Designshop and developed by High Top Real Estate and Development, the project consists of a three-story addition atop a single-story brick structure. The new building provides 18 residential units along with ground-floor commercial space and roof deck that offers views of the skyline. The pet-friendly building offers rental units ranging from one to two bedrooms with washers/dryers in every apartment.

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1108-12 Sigel Street. Photo by Jamie Meller. January 2022

Site Cleared for Six-Unit Building at 1108-12 Sigel Street in Wharton, South Philadelphia

YIMBY’s recent site visit reveals that a site has been cleared for the construction of a four-story, six-unit residential building at 1108-12 Sigel Street in Wharton, South Philadelphia. The project replaces a single-story, warehouse-style commercial structure on the south end of the block located between South 11th and South Sartain streets. The structure will include parking for four cars and 11 bicycles. The planned roof deck will likely offer dramatic skyline views, as the future building will tower above adjacent warehouses. Permits list Diantonio & Bongiovanni B. as the owners, Timothy Kerner as the design professional, and Diantonio & Bongiovanni LLC as the contractor, indicating that the structure will be constructed by the owner. Construction costs are specified at $600,000.

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2104 Franklin Street. Looking northwest. Credit: Google Maps

Permits Issued for Two-Unit Mixed-Use Building at 2104 Franklin Street near Temple University in North Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for the construction of a three-story mixed-use building at 2104 Franklin Street in North Philadelphia East. The mixed-use development will consist of ground-floor commercial space and two residences above, and will replace a vacant lot located just to the north of the intersection of Franklin and Diamond streets. The site sits near the Temple University campus, which is located within a five- to ten-minute walk to the west. The wood-framed structure will span a ground footprint of 1,312 square feet and will offer 2,488 square feet of interior space. Features include full sprinkling, a rear deck, and a roof deck, which promises to offer open skyline views. Permits list 4 Castle LLC as the owner, Anthony Maso as the design professional, and Kumas Homes LLC as the contractor. Construction costs are specified at $300,000.

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620 Moore Street. Rendering credit: CANNOdesign

Construction Underway at 58-Unit Complex at 620 Moore Street in Wharton, South Philadelphia

Philly YIMBY’s recent site visit has revealed that construction is well underway on a block-long, 58-unit complex at 620 Moore Street in Wharton, South Philadelphia. Designed by CANNOdesign, the primarily residential development will consist of three adjoining buildings, each rising four stories and spanning a site flanked by Moore Street to the north, South 6th Street to the east, and South 7th Street to the west. A 52-unit apartment building, articulated as separate independent structures, will span the majority of the site. At the street corners, two mixed-use buildings will each hold a commercial space at the ground floor and three residences on the floors above.

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