1200 Ridge Avenue. Photo by Jamie Meller. June 2022

Excavation Underway at 1200 Ridge Avenue in Poplar, North Philadelphia

Although permits for the building have been filed some time ago, Philly YIMBY’s recent site visit discovered no notable construction progress, aside from ground excavation, at 1200 Ridge Avenue, a 46-unit development proposed in Poplar, North Philadelphia. Designed by Coscia Moos Architecture, the building will rise from a 10,620-square-foot footprint and span 60,404 square feet, wit commercial space at the ground floor. The basement will be allocated to amenities such as parking space for 13 cars and 24 bicycles. A roof deck will be located atop the sixth floor at the summit of the structure, and will provide panoramic views of the skyline. Permits list HC Pody Company and a construction cost of $6 million.

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Rendering of 401-07 East Walnut Lane. Credit: DesignBlendz.

Construction Anticipated at 401-07 East Walnut Lane in East Germantown, Northwest Philadelphia

A recent site visit by Philly YIMBY has revealed no construction progress at a five-story, 57-unit development proposed at 401-07 East Walnut Lane in East GermantownNorthwest Philadelphia. Designed by Designblendz, the structure will span 48,945 square feet and feature a green roof and full sprinkling. Permits list Liberty Star Management as the contractor and construction costs of $6.5 million.

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1301 Ridge Avenue. Photo by Jamie Meller. June 2022

Construction Underway at 1301 Ridge Avenue in Poplar, North Philadelphia

Philly YIMBY recently visited the site and shares construction photos of a three-unit multi-family building at 1301 Ridge Avenue in Poplar, North Philadelphia. The building will span a footprint measuring 994 square feet and will hold 3,814 square feet of interior space, which translates into spacious apartments measuring well over 1,000 square feet each. The structure will be fully sprinkled. Permits list Greenway Plaza LLC as the owner, Brett Harman as the design professional, and Liu Construction LLC as the contractor. Construction costs are listed at $380,000.

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227 South 60th Street via L & I.

Permits Issued For 227 South 60th Street In Cobbs Creek, West Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for the construction of a two-unit mixed-use building at 27 South 60th Street in Cobbs CreekWest Philadelphia. Once completed, the new building will rise three stories tall, with commercial space on the ground floor. The structure will contain a total of 2,901 square feet. Permits list a cost of $489,296. The project is part of a larger development occurring on surrounding land parcels.

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