Philadelphia skyline from the Girard Point Bridge. Photo by Thomas Koloski

YIMBY Observes the Rising Philadelphia Skyline from the Girard Point Bridge

Philadelphia YIMBY has been covering the rise of the Philadelphia skyline over a year now. Today we observe the skyline from the Girard Point Bridge, which connects South Philadelphia with Southwest Philadelphia. The bridge had started construction in 1968 and was completed in 1973, just after the completion of One Meridian Plaza and while Centre Square was on the rise. The bridge, which is a double-decker cantilevered truss structure, was repainted in 2011, as it was previously coated in a fading green color. The bridge runs over the mouth of the Schuylkill River, just to the west of the Navy Yard.

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Current view of 3951 Lancaster Avenue. Credit: Google.

Permits Issued for Seven-Unit Building at 3951 Lancaster Avenue in Mantua, West Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for the construction of a seven-unit mixed-use building at 3951 Lancaster Avenue in MantuaWest Philadelphia. The building is projected to rise four stories tall, with a commercial space to be located on the ground floor and residential units above. The building will also feature a roof deck. In total, the structure is expected to yield 10,700 square feet of interior space and cost an estimated $1.25 million to build.

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The William Penn statue atop City Hall. Credit: James Mitchell via Wikipedia

Looking Back at the Former Proposal to Make the Statue of William Penn Atop City Hall Revolve

The 37-foot-tall statue of William Penn atop the City Hall clock tower brings the structure to a full height of 548 feet. As YIMBY discussed in yesterday’s story, the intended south-facing direction of the statue, crafted by sculptor Alexander Milne Calder, was changed at the last minute, and for nearly 127 years the figure has faced northeast. In this feature, Philadelphia YIMBY looks back at the onetime proposal to have the statue revolve around its axis so it could gaze upon the entire city.

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2204 North Marshall Street. Looking northwest. Credit: Google Maps

Permits Issued for Three-Unit Building at 2204 North Marshall Street in North Philadelphia East

Permits have been issued for the construction of a three-story, three-unit multi-family building at 2204 North Marshall Street in North Philadelphia East near Temple University. The structure will span a ground footprint of 1,500 square feet and will contain 3,388 square feet of interior space, which translates to an average of 1,128 square feet per apartment. The development will feature full sprinkling, a basement, and a roof deck, which will offer open skyline vistas due to a lack of significant nearby obstructions. Permits list Church Inc. Pleasantview Baptist [sic] as the owner, Christopher Menna as the design professional, and JPL Construction Inc. as the contractor. General construction costs are listed at $180,000.

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