2100 Hamilton Street. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Cladding Halfway Up at 2100 Hamilton Street in Franklintown, North Philadelphia

Philly YIMBY’s recent site visit at 2100 Hamilton Street, located in the Franklintown section of Spring Garden, North Philadelphia, has revealed that the 115-foot, 10-story-tall residential tower’s cladding having climbed more than halfway up along the concrete structure. The project was designed by Cecil Baker, which is also behind two condo developments that have risen within the past four years, and developed by Brock Development Group. The development, located just to the north of Center City and three blocks to the southeast of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, rises from a masonry-walled pit where a freight train line once ran and was taken out in the 1970’s, with a tunnel remaining under several other blocks.

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Permits Filed For a Four-Unit Mixed-Use Structure at 4665 Paul Street In Frankford, Northeast Philadelphia

Permits have been filed for the construction of a mixed-use structure at 4665 Paul Street in Frankford, Northeast Philadelphia. Cicada Architecture is in charge of the design work. The building will stands three floors and also include a cellar level. A commercial space will be located on the ground floor of the building with four residential units on the upper floors. Frankford Community Development is the listed owner. Construction costs are estimated at $798,000.

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One Liberty Place from Cira Green. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Designing One Liberty Place, the Tower that Transformed Philadelphia’s Skyline

One Liberty Place at 1650 Market Street is an intricately designed skyscraper has dominated the skyline of Center City for over three decades. Designed by Murphy/Jahn and developed by Rouse and Associates, the tower is clad in a pattern of stone, metal, and glass that rises up to the angled crown and the thin spire. The tower first rose to its final 61-story height in the beginning of 1987, when the top floor was assembled beneath the future spire. Philly YIMBY looks back at the design process by architect Helmut Jahn via drawings from 1984, which show multiple design iterations.

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