1620 Sansom Street via Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Demolition Anticipated at 1620 Sansom Street in Rittenhouse Square, Center City

At number 21 on Philly YIMBY’s December Development Countdown is the 340-foot-tall, 27-story tower planned at 1620 Sansom Street in the Rittenhouse Square area of Center City. Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz, a firm that is behind a number of recent projects in the city, and developed by the Southern Land Company, the 298-unit tower will have a total square footage of 376,900 square feet, with 19,600 square feet of restaurant space, 5,200 square feet of retail, and 67 parking spaces on three underground levels. Though the tower which is located just two blocks to the south of Liberty Place, it will have a significant impact on the surrounding area, which lacks modern structures of a similar size. No progress has been observed at the sits since demolition and construction permits were filed in September.

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101 West Oxford Street

Permits Filed for a 35-Unit Mixed-Use Development at 101 West Oxford Street in Olde Kensington, North Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for the construction of a five-story mixed-use structure at 101 West Oxford Street in Fishtown, Kensington, near the border of Olde Kensington, North Philadelphia. The structure will hold 35 residential units, each being an apartment. Resident storage will be located in the basement of the structure, with the ground floor used for a commercial space and parking. A roof deck will be located atop the building, as well as a green roof that allows the building a density bonus. The building will occupy a 12,363 square foot land parcel and hold 51,785 square feet of space. Chatham Bay Construction Services is the listed contractor. Construction costs are estimated at $6 million.

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Excavation Nears Completion at East Market Phase 3 Residential Tower at 1153 Chestnut Street in Market East, Center City

Number 21 on Philly YIMBY’s December Development Countdown is 1153 Chestnut Street, a 329-foot-tall, 25-story residential tower proposed as part of the two-tower East Market Phase 3 development in Market East, Center City. Designed by Morris Adjmi Architects and developed by National Real Estate Group, the building will rise on the west side of the complex and will feature a blocky yet eye-catching façade of metal, precast terracotta, and glass. The tower will have a total area of 250,000 square feet and it will include 396 units in what will be one of the tallest residential high-rises in the area. Philly YIMBY’s recent site visit revealed that excavation nears completion.

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1826 Chestnut Street. Looking southeast. Credit: Goodman Properties

Conceptual Renderings Revealed for a 42-Story Tower at 1826 Chestnut Street in Rittenhouse Square, Center City

A few days ago, SkyscraperPage user FairmountFellow revealed a pair of renderings showing a skyscraper situated atop an existing prewar building at 1826 Chestnut Street in Rittenhouse Square, Center City. The image, which the user allegedly “saw in a local cooperative presentation,” revealed no further information, yet various clues offer more details. The building shows a floor count of around 42 stories, and its location next to the recently proposed skyscraper at 113-121 South 19th Street suggest a height of roughly 550 feet. In the image corner is the partial logo of Goodman Properties, which has a page for the building on its website. It is unclear whether Goodman intends to develop the building as pictured or if it is a conceptual presentation geared to attract investors.

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