1227 South 4th Street. Looking southeast. Credit: Google

Permits Issued for a Single-Family Structure at 1227 South 4th Street in Dickinson Narrows, South Philadelphia

A zoning permit has been issued for the construction of a single-family structure at 1227 South 4th Street in Dickinson Narrows, South Philadelphia. Located at the southeast corner of South 4th Street and Titan Street, the structure will span a footprint of 952 square feet and will feature a cellar and a roof deck. Gerald W. Haley and Harley J. Saxby are the listed owners.

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1300 Fairmount Avenue looking northeast. Photo by Thomas Koloski

1300 Fairmount Avenue Welcomes Residents and Shoppers in Poplar, North Philadelphia

A 14-story, 487-unit mixed-use development is mostly complete at 1300 Fairmount Avenue in Poplar, North Philadelphia. Designed by Cope-Linder Architects and developed by RAL Development, the building rises 185 feet, standing prominently over the predominantly residential neighborhood. Two of the floors house retail space, occupied by an ALDI supermarket, and a parking garage in the structure’s eastern section.

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