727 North 39th Street. Looking east. Credit: Google

Permits Issued for Three-Unit Building at 727 North 39th Street in Mantua, West Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for the construction of a three-story, three-unit building at 727 North 39th Street in Mantua, West Philadelphia. The structure will replace a vacant lot on the east side of the block between Olive Street and Aspen Street, and will feature a cellar, a second-story rear deck, and full sprinkling. The building’s footprint will span 984 square feet. Permits list 727 N 39th Street LLC as the owner, Maher Abdelaal as the design professional, and Kumas Homes LLC as the contractor. Construction costs are listed at $280,000.

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Liberty Place unfinished design with the Philadelphia skyline, south elevation. Models and image by Thomas Koloski

Imagining the Philadelphia Skyline with the 1985 Iteration of Liberty Place

On April 5, 1984, Willard G. Rouse of Rouse and Associates announced the proposal of Liberty Place, a complex in Center City that would rise hundreds of feet above the informal height limit set by the 548-foot Philadelphia City Hall. By the next year, Helmut Jahn of Murphy/Jahn Architects finalized the design on One Liberty Place at 1650 Market Street as the design we see today, though Two Liberty Place, The Shops at Liberty Place, and the hotel all differed from their current versions. Today Philly YIMBY takes a closer look at this early iteration of the complex design.

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2427 Clifford Street. Looking northeast. Credit: Googl

Permits Issued for a Three-Unit Building at 2427 Clifford Street in North Philadelphia West

A permit has been issued for the construction of a three-story, three-unit building at 2427 Clifford Street in North Philadelphia West. The site is located on the north side of the block between North 24th Street and North 25th Street. The building will rise from a 1,200-square-foot footprint and will contain 4,797 square feet of floor area, averaging to a generous 1,599 square feet per apartment. A sprinkling system and a roof deck will b included within the development. Adva Epstein is the listed owner, Kevin Korejko is the designer, and Optimal Construction Group LLC is the contractor.

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918 North Delaware Avenue. Credit: HDO Architecture

Demolition Work Nearly Finished at 918 North Delaware Avenue in Northern Liberties, North Philadelphia

Demolition work is nearly complete at 918 North Delaware Avenue (aka 918-80 North Delaware Avenue) in Northern Liberties, North Philadelphia. The large site, which used to feature a number of prewar industrial structures, will be redeveloped as a 418,480-square-foot complex with a total of 462 residential units. Designed by L2Partridge and developed by Core Realty, the project will consist of five buildings that will stand seven stories tall, as well as an additional low-rise structure. The buildings will measure 80,995, 101,648, 74,677, 59,799, 95,615, and 5,776 square feet. All will be clad in different shades of brick cladding and glass.

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