The view from Arthaus looking north toward Washington Square West. Photo by Thomas Koloski

The Number 28 Spot on Philly YIMBY’s First Anniversary Countdown Goes to Washington Square West

Philadelphia YIMBY’s ongoing countdown, which looks at the 31 most frequently listed article categories over the course of the past year in honor of our first anniversary, finds Washington Square West in the 28th place, with at least 29 publications mentioning the neighborhood in its tags. Much like Rittenhouse Square, which we recently covered in the countdown, this Center City neighborhood is already well-established and densely built out. As such, instead of a pronounced development boom, it owes its high ranking to our consistent coverage of a handful of notable developments, particularly Arthaus at 311 South Broad Street. Although we have also covered several minor projects in the area, today we are taking a look at some of the most dramatic developments that will alter the local skyline.

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The Laurel Rittenhouse architectural model crown. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Looking At the Architectural Model of The Laurel Rittenhouse

Architectural models and renderings are a convenient way for the architects and developers to give the public a glimpse at what planned buildings will look like. Residential skyscrapers are particularly notable for displaying detailed architectural models in their showrooms, as a means to show off and advertise the units along with the amenity space. Designed by Solomon Cornwell Buenz and developed by Southern Land Company, The Laurel Rittenhouse is a 599-foot-tall, 48-story residential skyscraper under construction at 1911 Walnut Street in Rittenhouse Square, Center City. In this publication, Philadelphia YIMBY looks at the physical model of The Laurel Rittenhouse, which is located in the building’s sales gallery.

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Former view of 924 Beulah Street. Credit: Google.

Permits Issued for Five Townhouses at 924 Beulah Street in Bella Vista, South Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for the construction of a townhouse complex at 924 Beulah Street in Bella VistaSouth Philadelphia. The complex will include five homes in total, each rising four stories tall. Permits list each home to total just over 3,000 square feet of space, with construction pricing coming in at $250,000 apiece. Rich Villa is listed as the project’s design professional, with KNE II LLC listed as the contractor.

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139 North 23rd Street. Credit: Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Permits Issued for 139 North 23rd Street in Logan Square, Center City

Permits have been issued for the construction of a 115-unit multi-family building at 139 North 23rd Street in Logan SquareCenter City. Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz and developed by the PMC Property Group, the building will rise four stories tall and will feature a roof deck with a green roof. In total, the building will hold 122,576 square feet of space. The developer was permitted to include the higher-than-standard unit count through the utilization of green roof and mixed-income density bonuses. A below-grade garage will hold 42 parking spaces. Construction costs are estimated at $35 million.

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Mural West site looking east. Photo by Thomas Koloski

Murals Rank at Number 29 on Philly YIMBY’s First Anniversary Countdown

Philadelphia is famous for its astounding collection of outdoor murals, which count in the thousands. Philly YIMBY does intentionally seek them out as subjects of articles (unless, at some point in the future, we hear an announcement of a particularly notable mural planned somewhere in the city). However, given the pervasive presence of outdoor wall art all around the city, especially near sites with vacant lots, it inevitably makes its way into our content in one way or another. Some murals are located near planned development. Of these, some are in danger of being entirely obscured or torn down. Others are planned to be painted on freshly proposed buildings. In either case, when the opportunity arises, we try to track these murals. Over the past, we have made 29 such tags, earning the category the 29th place (the numbering is coincidental) on Philly YIMBY’s First Anniversary Countdown. Today we look at a few standout examples.

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