2130 North 2nd Street. Looking northwest. Credit: Google

Permits Issued for Two Multi-Family Buildings at 2130 and 2132 North 2nd Street in Norris Square, North Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for the construction of two multi-family residential buildings at 2130 North 2nd Street and 2132 North 2nd Street in Norris Square, North Philadelphia. Designed by Nicholas Coulter of KCA Design Associates, LLC, the two structures will be situated on the west side of the block between Diamond Street and West Susquehanna Avenue. 2130 North 2nd Street will span a 917-square-foot footprint and will rise three stories and include three units. The building will include 3,688 square feet of floor space and will feature a basement and a roof deck. EV Development LLC is the contractor. Construction is expected to cost $252,000. Fewer details are available for 2132 North 2nd Street, which will rise from a 1,000-square-foot footprint and will also feature a basement and a roof deck. 2nd Street Developers LLC is the owner for both properties.

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Construction Progresses at Innovator Village in Graduate Hospital, South Philadelphia

Construction is making rapid progress at Innovator Village at 2401 Washington Avenue in Graduate Hospital, South Philadelphia. Upon completion, the development will hold 90 residential units, a mixture of townhomes, duplexes, quadplexes and apartments in a 56-unit mixed-use structure. When YIMBY reported on the development in December, groundbreaking was underway and the project began construction at its prominent location on Washington Avenue.

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Rendering of the future Schuylkill Crossing bridge via Schuylkill Banks

Construction Progresses at Schuylkill Crossing in Forgotten Bottom, South Philadelphia

Construction is progressing rapidly at a section of the Schuylkill River Trail expansion in Forgotten Bottom, South Philadelphia. The project, called the Schuylkill Crossing, will bring a new bridge over the Schuylkill River to connect the northern and existing portion of the trail to the planned southern phase in West Philadelphia with crossing to the Grays Ferry Crescent Trail. The new bridge will be a renovation of a previously existing railroad round-a-bout bridge. While the center portion of the structure was dismantled in 2018, the edges of the bridge on the eastern and western banks remain and will provide the platform for the new trail.

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1312 North 6th Street. Looking west. Credit: Google

Permits Issued for a Three-Unit Building at 1312 North 6th Street in Ludlow, North Philadelphia

A permit has been issued for the construction of a three-story, three-unit residential building at 1312 North 6th Street in Ludlow, North Philadelphia. The structure will rise in place of a vacant lot on the west side of the block between West Thompson Street and Master Street and will span a 1,153-square-foot footprint. Robert Braun and Elizabeth Athena Braun are the listed owners. Construction is expected to cost $685,000.

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Philadelphia skyline with unbuilt proposals. Image and models by Thomas Koloski

The Unbuilt Skyline: a Comprehensive Look at Philadelphia’s Major Canceled Skyscrapers

The Philadelphia skyline has grown enormously over the past few decades, yet there are many formerly planned towers that were once planned yet were never completed. Philly YIMBY recently ran a series of articles that shined a spotlight on a number of unbuilt buildings. The designs came in various unique shapes: some featured curves, some boxy, and others with sharp angled cuts that gave them distinct character. While some were notably more appealing than others, even the most subpar of these designs would have dramatically elevated the city’s already impressive skyline to a new level. Today we present what the skyline would have looked like if all of these developments were built.

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