One Cathedral Square. Credit: Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Cladding Nears Completion at One Cathedral Square in Logan Square, Center City

The first phase of the two-tower Cathedral Square project is well underway as it is nearing exterior completion. Designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz and developed by Exeter Development Group and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, One Cathedral Square at 1701 Race Street rises near the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Logan Square, Center City. The glass and concrete tower stands 245 feet and 23 stories tall. Just to the north, the large parking lot will be transformed into a second tower, which will stand 470 feet tall.

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1725 North 21st Street

Philadelphia YIMBY Looks at Recent Projects with Two to Three Residential Units

In the continuing descending order of Philadelphia YIMBY’s ongoing “category spotlight” series, which looks at some of the new article categories we introduced at the start of the year, is the group of new buildings that feature two to three residential units. The category almost exclusively covers smaller, typically rowhouse-sized developments, although in some cases it intersects with larger groups of buildings consisting of several such structures. Please see below for several such projects that we have covered this year so far.

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161 Conarroe Street. Credit: Google.

Renovation Permits Issued for 161 and 176 Conarroe Street in Manayunk, Northwest Philadelphia

Permits have been issued for two multi-family developments, located on the same block, at 161 and 176 Conarroe Street, in ManayunkNorthwest Philadelphia. At 161 Conarroe Street, plans call for the addition of an interior elevator and garage area. The rest of the building will be converted to hold more residential space, with 20 apartments added inside. In total, the building will offer 33,520 square feet of space, and renovation work is expected to cost $2 million. At 176 Conarroe Street, a very similar project is in the works. The three-story building will see its interior renovated into 15 apartments. In total, this building will offer 23,300 square feet of space, with renovation costs estimated at $1.5 million. Between the two projects, 35 residential units will be added to the block.

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CHOP Inpatient Tower. Credit: Ballinger

Updated Height, Plans, and Renderings Surface for CHOP’s Inpatient Tower in University City, West Philadelphia

In recent years, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has been in the process of expanding its University City campus via a $3.4 billion development plan, a major part of which is the $1.9 billion Inpatient Tower (aka New Patient Tower) proposed at 515 Osler Circle. Recently, a Philly YIMBY contributor has shared a pair of new renderings for the project. The Inpatient Tower was designed by Ballinger, with ZGF Architects (which has previously teamed up with CHOP to design its Medical Behavioral Unit) as the consultant and interiors/clinical architects. In addition, we present a separate drawing set consisting of a floor plan and building section, which reveal an updated structural height and a detailed building program. The schematics show that the tower will rise 434 feet and 23 stories tall and will span a total of 1.318 square feet, making for a significant addition to West Philadelphia’s already impressive medical sector.

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Thomas Jefferson Specialty Care Pavilion (1101 Chestnut Street) via Jefferson Health

Cladding Rises at Jefferson Specialty Care Pavilion in Market East, Center City

The east side of Center City is on the verge of a transformation, where a new project is elevating the vertical profile of the dense Market East neighborhood. Designed by Ennead Architects and Stantec and developed by National Real Estate Development, the Jefferson Specialty Care Pavilion at 1101 Chestnut Street officially stands 372 feet and 23 stories tall since it was topped out in February. In this publication, Philadelphia YIMBY takes a look at the latest construction progress.

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